Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thank you, Eye On Miami readers ... by gimleteye

There is a lot to discuss about this morning, but first: thank you, EOM readers. We had a spectacular jump in our audience numbers at the end of the campaign season. It is gratifying to see our exercise in civic journalism and opinion -- a true not-for-profit -- at work.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! You guys really helped us wade through the ballot. We didn't agree on everything, but you really clarified the ballot for us.

2 more years, Rick Scott. We're coming after you next!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I sent your elections endorsements to a lot of friends.

Anonymous said...

Your site is what helped clarify the ballot for me. I didn't agree 100%, but it was definitely a helpful tool when filling out my ballot. Two others in my household all used it as well, we all voted for Obama, no to all of the Amendments, and most others were in-line with your endorsements (but not all, the Pet tax we voted for, for example). I sent a link to your blog to several people, and one that stands out is someone who was completely undecided, but based on your endorsements and explanations, they were able to vote confidently for those you suggested.

Thank you so much.