Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ross Hancock for State Rep. District 114. By Geniuofdespair

Eugene Flinn's - South Dade Updates has a good piece on Ross Hancock (running against Erik Fresen - who has a host of bad campaign contributions like big sugar).

Meanwhile in early voting:

NOON: There isn't a wait time under 3 hours in the County in their 11:09 update of waiting time estimates.


Jim Stein said...

Ross Hancock is a loose cannon and quite frankly I would trust him with anything. Business hailers one right after another. Don't let your liberal blind eyes elect an idiot and any cost. Really, this guy has no chance.

Geniusofdespair said...

I think you are mistaken, you must be talking about Erik Fresen.

Bettye, South Miami said...

Goodness gracious, Mr. Stein, did Ross piss on your parade at some point?

After reading Mr. Fresen's campaign money report this morning, I was just so pleased to that Eric Fresen (Mr. Hancock's opponent)had money from every major lobbying group (Hey,you gotta love those Dolphins) and no real people.

And when I looked at the expense report and noticed that Eric was still using campaign money in restaurants and to travel out of Miami to collect donations, it warmed the cockles of my heart because I love my elected officials to do that.

Ross Hancock is present and accounted for in the communities that he is seeking to serve. Just because he is running a campaign that actually involves meeting the people he seeks to serve makes him a rock star in my book.

Eric Fresen has not met with any of the South Dade community, one to one during this campaign, but he sure as heck looks to have wined and dined with the best of our states special interests.

Mr. Stein, just google Eric Fresen and see the kind of representative he is for the community. In fact, go to myflorida to the elections reports and see where he spends his money and see who his friends are.

Ross Hancock is not politician and that is exactly why I am voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Now that early voting is about over, we have to begin focusing on election day. As with early voting, voters need to be prepared. Find out exactly where your polling place is now, so you don't have to fumble around to find it on election day. Bring what you need to be comfortable including an umbrella if it rains. Make all your decisions before you come and be ready to simply bubble in when you get there. Plan to be there early in the morning before the polls open at 7 am. This goes for vans and buses too.

For the Elections Department, a shift of new workers at the polling places around 5 pm to take it to closing into the night and early morning is in order. A rain plan should be thought out by each site manager, so no one has to stand in the rain, if it rains. Use the data (precinct voter turn out rates in the last presidential election, early voters, absentee voters, etc.) that you have to plan capacity for each site. Make sure everyone has the sheet with typical problems and the solutions.

Anonymous said...

Good grief more tan three hours to vote?bring In more voting machines and printers in now. more workers. Although polls close at 7 pm whoever is inline votes, could go on till midnight or all night. Good grief

Geniusofdespair said...

6 hour wait about 4:30 pm

Anonymous said...

Jim Stein above, a quick Google shows that Hancock has been an executive at a large and successful nonprofit for at least 10 years. There's a BBC Worldnews interview where Hancock is featured as a source on US manufacturing job growth. A quick search on Fresen shows a pattern of financial irresponsibility.