Saturday, November 10, 2012

Miami Dade Cuban-American Support for Obama: Huge ... by gimleteye

Amandi and Bendixen continue to provide an earth-shattering analysis of the recent election: "Miami Dade County Precinct Analysis Confirms Exit Poll Data Conclusions on Unprecedented Cuban-American Support for Obama".
With final precinct results now available from the Miami-Dade County Division of Elections, an analysis of the top Hispanic precincts in Miami-Dade County confirms the exit poll findings from Bendixen & Amandi International, Edison Research, Pew Hispanic Center, NBC News and Fox News that a historic percentage of Cuban voters cast ballots for a Democratic candidate for President in the 2012 elections.

The analysis was performed by examining the 48 largest Hispanic precincts across Miami-Dade County, each with a minimum of 2500 Hispanic voters. These precincts also have the highest concentration of Hispanic voters in the county (between 68% and 92%).

These precincts are located primarily in Hialeah, Westchester, Little Havana, Doral, Kendall and other predominately Cuban-American neighborhoods across Miami-Dade County.

The average of the Presidential vote in these 48 precincts is: Barack Obama 51% and Mitt Romney 49%. The B&A exit poll of Cuban Americans had the following results: Mitt Romney 52% and Barack Obama 48%.

It should be noted that voters of Cuban origin account for approximately 75% of the Hispanic electorate in Miami-Dade County.

Bendixen & Amandi International conducted a statewide exit poll of more than 4800 Hispanic voters which revealed that President Obama secured 48% of the Cuban American vote in the state of Florida – an historic high for a Democratic Presidential candidate in Florida.

So why is this earth-shattering? The analysis confirms that the political status quo, organized around Cuban American Republicans, has finally collapsed under its own weight. This has enormous implications for both political parties, but especially for the political lobbyists who run campaigns.

If you are a candidate for office in Miami Dade, you no longer need to ingratiate yourself to the status quo: the campaign funding machinery leveraged through the Latin Builders Association and other entities/ cartels controlled by the Cuban American business elite. "The Castro Card"? It's finished!

Probably the best example of this, is the near win by Ross Hancock against Erik Fresen for state legislature. Hancock, vastly outspent by Fresen (who was funded by pro-gambling, sugar, and other interests) came within a few percentage points of winning.

What the new demographics of the election also throw into doubt: the political future of Marco Rubio. Rubio is weighted by history and by alliances with Bush/ GOP machinery that faltered badly in the recent election. It is not just a matter of immigration: the non-Cuban Hispanic demographic is socially liberal in ways that act as an anti-magnetic force to conservative values like the obsessive focus on women's right-to-choose.

The obsessive character of the radical GOP right will continue to repel non-Cuban and younger Cuban American Hispanics.

Finally, a rumor arrives that Ana Sol Alliegro, the self-proclaimed political "bad girl" of the GOP -- and the woman who can tie David Rivera and Marco Rubio together -- has fled to Australia, until the feds drop their investigation. Maybe she's hanging with Joe Gersten and his support group. It could be a long wait. Any tips, welcome.


Anonymous said...

An interesting phenomenon I have noticed in Westchester AFTER the election: Obama lawn signs have sprouted up on some of my neighhbor's lawns. Before the election there were tons of Romney signs, "Fire Obama!" signs, signs calling Obama a socialist, etc. I was a bit concerned considering I seriously didn't see a single Obama sign in my section of Westchester before the election. Figured it out now that Obama signs are being put out: many of my neighbors were simply afraid to put them out because they were Cuban Americans who supported Obama. I'm glad to see them proudly displaying their Obama signs now, am glad they voted for Obama. I'm glad to see things are changing around here, I just hope that come next election, that people can feel comfortable putting out signs supporting their candidate, and not feel as though they have to hide anything from the right wing lunatics.

Anonymous said...

"It should be noted that voters of Cuban origin account for approximately 75% of the Hispanic electorate in Miami-Dade County." WOW. That much? I had really thought that by now the influx of other Hispanics over the last decades would have made that number much smaller. Cubans now are only a simple majority. If you add up all the other non-C's they have more numbers now. Is it because these non-Cubes simply are not registered, don't bother to vote, or simply CAN'T vote (i.e. citizenship)?

Anonymous said...

Anon above: that's correct. Cubans have an easier path to Citizenship than other Hispanic groups (other than Puerto Ricans who are citizens by birth).

Besides the influx of immigrants, the native population of Cubans that established in Miami in the '60s and '70s also have the additional demographic advantage of having their kids (and grandkids) born US citizens.

So the non-Cuban migration may have reduced the total mix of Country-of-origin, but those eligible to vote still greatly favors naturalized and American-born Cubans.

And they are showing (like every community) to have a diversity of thoughts and cannot be treated as a single organism.

Anonymous said...

It's because younger Cuban Americans (under 60), who grew up in the US - not Cuba - and have children and grandchildren in Miami, are thinking about schools, the environment, jobs, opportunities for their children and grandchildren in THIS community, this country. They also know they would be discriminated against, disparaged and marginilized just like any other Hispanics in the U.S. by the Romney-world America that characterized Obama as an "other."

We aren't buying what the Republican Party is selling.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect this is a telling sign of opinions about Obama's relaxing of rules on visiting and sending money to Cuba. It may soon be time for the Democrats to talk about ending the ineffective Embargo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,,,,and its time, and why don't we all just let men marry men, smoke pot and hell I think cats and dogs should be sleeping together.

Great society we are leaving for our children and future generations. The moral compass in this country is going haywire.

Anonymous said...

That's no brainer. The first generation of Cubans who arrived in 1960 is dying. Their kids who were born here, tend to vote strongly Republican but the Marielitos and the Cubans who arrived from the 1994 Boat Lift are economic refugees, not political and are registering to vote.

They had no "skin in the game" during the 60's. They grew up under the Castro regime and had no alternative but to accept him.

Although they no longer have hope that their government will change, many still have a romantic ideal" of what could have been and of el Comandante, himself.

So when someone, offers similar promises, whether they deliver on them or not, the new Cuban generations will drift to the left.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about America is we have secret ballots. Once in the voting booth, who you vote for is between you and God. No one is going to vote against themselves.

Anonymous said...

It pleases me tremendously to see that my Cuban-American fellow citizens have finally begun opening their eyes and are no longer swallowing the “bull” that Republicans have been feeding them for years. Now, that we have re-elected President Obama, I am planning to register Democrat and start working towards kicking Marco Rubio’s opportunist behind from the Senate!!! I will offer my services free to every person who decides to run for office as a Democrat – I am an accredited writer/producer with a long list of successful advertising campaigns, and that includes political ones too! Then we’ll obliterate Governor Crazy Eyes – that Medicare thief – and we will, systematically, eliminate all these avaricious snakes from public office. Enough is enough! And what a great break for Florida if Jeb Bush would get the hell out of here! By the way, did anyone see Jeb calling Marco Rubio “a hunk” on Fox? What the hell was that? The echo of that comment got as far as MSNBC, and that’s how I heard about it! LOL

Anonymous said...

My cat, dog and parakeet all sleep together.

Anonymous said...

Sound like an orgy

Cato said...

Last anon address please we need to send Animal Services to your house you are raising your critters wrong.
Your probably letting them smoke pot too you amoral heathen!