Sunday, November 11, 2012

Leonard Pitts Takes a Look at GOP Missteps in Appealing to Voters. By Geniusofdespair

I really like Leonard Pitts take, in the Miami Herald today, on Republican mistakes in the 2012 election. He asks a good set of questions on how long will it take the GOP to repair its radical stance (appealing to white angry men) with other segments of the population, like African Americans:

And how much time must go by before African Americans are willing to look past the GOP’s unrelenting and deeply personal disrespect toward the nation’s first African-American president, its insistence on treating him as some foreign Other who, in John Sununu’s memorably tawdry phrase, must “learn how to be an American.”

Is damage control possible for the GOP?


Anonymous said...

Start tracking the comments, publications, speaking engagements, and appearances of JEB...he has remained 'outside' the leadership circles that brought the Republican Party to its current fate. Expect to see a lot more of JEB in the coming weeks and months.

Cato said...

Awe they called Obama names I saw and heard lots of insults hurled a prior presidents its just part of the game Leonard Pitts is stuck in the 60s if you can't take the insults stay out of the White House
Jeb Bush! Damn I have had enough bush.....well I really mean Bush family,.

Anonymous said...

The GOP does not have a "radical stance" with any minority group. We simply want to end racial discrimination by, you know, ending racial discrimination. And expect immigrants to, you know, arrive here legally from wherever they came from. Of course the race hustlers would have you think its the 1960s and Bull Connor again. There is no money in racial harmony for them. Leonard Pitts is just the Al Sharpton of the op-ed page. A bitter self-righteous bigoted African American.