Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping An Eye on the Urban Development Boundary. By Geniusofdespair

Angel E. Torres and Gonzalo Munoz are Key Krome Partners and own 347 acres. Of course we all know that Krome Gold (465 acres, purchased in 2005 for $44,+ million) is owned/managed by Rodney Barreto and Armando Guerra, among many others.

Angel E. Torres and Gonzalo Munoz -- through a jumble of Miami Beach Corporations  -- own a big chunk of land -- 347 acres -- outside the UDB line a stone's throw from Rodney Barreto's mega land holding, Krome Gold. I always like to keep track of who owns the land outside the Urban Development Boundary. Both properties are West of Krome Avenue. How large are these tracts of land? The entire Village of Bal Harbour is 384 acres (of which only 192 acres is land the remaining acres are water). The population on those 192 acres in Bal Harbour is about 2,500. So in comparison, we are talking about major areas of land outside the UDB. If these tracts are developed they would impact the Everglades in a big way, maybe destroy it.

There are a few other mega-sized large parcels on the other side of the UDB: Horton Homes (about 1,000 acres), Lennar's Parkland (about 900 acres) and Shoma Homes' Santa Fe Haciendas, LLC (411 acres). Note all 5 of these parcels are owned/controlled by production home builders. Lennar's plans for Parkland includes 1,257 Single Family Homes, 2,436 Townhouses and 3,248 Condominiums (that translates to about 20,000 people) on the property.

Here are some of Torres' and Munoz's OTHER Corporations and partnerships. This information is provided so you know who might be putting future pressure on the County Commission to move the line. Knowledge is golden.


Anonymous said...

Likely lynda bell will start to push to have it appoved

Anonymous said...

Lynda bell since she is vice chair is going to start saying we need jobs and will use that with her ally the egglady alice pena

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where to laugh about this one. This parcel is next to the Cemex rock mining or is it part of that one? That sliver of homes in between this parcel and Krome Gold is a group known as the Friends of West Kendall or something like that.

The complications on Krome are nothing to laugh at though. These people and our local politicians should be in jail or in civil suits forever for so many things from theft of US taxpayer funds and fraud on shareholders (perhaps more corporate than criminal?). I'm sure a lawyer on this blog can weigh in.

Maybe Trump can build his imaginary film studio there, oh wait, there won't be any county land at play to give to him.

One day and I hope it's within my life time or before I bail out of this county the politicians will figure out the best way to create jobs HERE is with infrastructure project - like our water & sewer system. More building for the sake of building isn't the answer. Outside the UDB doesn't require infrastructure but by paving over it will destroy our eco system and food supply. But in thinking about our BCC they all look pretty well fed and maybe Sedano's (guerra)can give them all free grocery shopping for life at his markets.

The Shareholder meeting is tonight for US Century. Anyone know how much the Board members of that bank have been paid? That's an interesting omission on everything I can find. It would be a different story but the same people are involved with that bank and Krome Gold, Parkland, et al.

I'll be watching the new golden boy Zapata on this and Gimenez. Gimenez approved Krome Gold by the way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much drug money / money laundering is involved in land outside the UDB.

Anonymous said...

LOL- all this land is projected to go under with climate change sea level rise, as Florida Bay rolls in. Best to leave those low lying lands open and raw to absorb the salty waters working their way towards destroying our freshwater supply and the Everglades.
Don't believe it? Check out the interactive maps posted at climatecentral.org to see it all go down.
Instead of trying to raise money to "light up" the Rickenbacker causeway - reported in Miami Today- Barreto should use his political connections to combat climate change. (to protect his investments) LOL.

Anonymous said...

The rising seas will wash away all evidence of crimes.

Anonymous said...

You know, this question has always bugged me: why won't the Democrats in the state legislature support legislation requiring full disclosure of shareholders in llc's and corporations, including all limited shareholders?

Geniusofdespair said...

When you apply for a DRI or Comp plan change, all that information has to be disclosed.