Friday, November 23, 2012

Karl Rove went off the rails ... by gimleteye

The Daily Show nailed Karl Rove's amazing performance on Fox News on election night. Embarrassing hardly begins to describe it.

Pick this up at 1:10 min. when Rove, in front of millions of America viewers of Fox News, tries to persuade the Fox News anchors to argue for delaying projection of Ohio's election result ... and from there, at least a few of us could guess, to Florida: the GOP firewall.

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The Washington Post picks up the story: "Crossroads (Rove's superPAC) was a failure and Rove’s core strategy of base-centric GOP politics is a failure,” said a senior Republican consultant not favorably inclined to Rove. “There are not enough white men for the Rove view to work anymore. His time is past."

And another, in the Post: "The Sunlight Foundation, which tracks money in politics, calculated Wednesdaythat two-thirds of the money spent by outside groups backed losing candidates. Success rates varied dramatically from group to group: American Crossroads and its nonprofit affiliate spent about 6 percent of their funds on winners, while the Service Employees International Union had a 70 percent victory rate, Sunlight found."

Even GOP billionaires must believe it is time to reform how political campaigns are financed.


Anonymous said...

as soon as i saw that ohio was called i immediately turned to was special. Their ratings must have spiked!

Anonymous said...

Here's one theory as to why that little pig was so worked up: