Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is This Ordinance A Present from Lynda Bell to Palmer Trinity? By Geniusofdespair

Do you happen to live near a shopping center, school or a church? Well you might want to pay attention to this ordinance sponsored by Lynda Bell, the wacky District 8 County Commissioner. It is on the County Commission agenda December 4th.

Circus and carnival activities were limited to 2 per year. This increases them to 4 events per year. The first two events, if at a shopping center, church or school, they don't even need to ask the neighbors as long as the event doesn't last more than 15 days. What? They can disrupt your life for 30 days...and if they get the approval of a reduced amount of neighbors they can disrupt your life for 30 days more. Well that doesn't seem fair...TO THE SURROUNDING HOMEOWNERS.

All this ordinance does is make it easier for carnivals and circuses and whittles away homeowner rights. Look at how they reduced the percentage of neighboring homeowners that need to issue waivers. They also reduced the footage of nearby homeowners that have to be noticed. This is bad. Why would anyone want this ordinance to pass? Only a school or church would like it. If you live near a shopping center, school or church beware. I don't, so I really don't care but you out there in suburbia -- you might want to call your county commissioner. Don't bother calling Lynda Bell, she doesn't listen to anybody.


Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Church Lady couldn't get any goofier she pulls this one out of her fat ass.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's pathetic. Lynda Bell proves the point that human nature abhors a vacuum. Just be thankful she's not your mother.

Anonymous said...

This is so Lynda on so many levels.
The first is the Hollywood, Florida native white trash who could care less about quality of life or neighborhood appearance. Want proof ? Drive by her house. This is about getting votes, after all, the election is only a year away. She can go pound some pulpits and say "I" did this for you, that is gave you the opportunity to raise money. The simple answer might be that either her church or the mega Catholic church across the street from her church that has huge carnivals raised the issue and there is yor answer. Remember,both the voter turnout and the results in her favor in the precinct surrounding thise two churches was very lopsidded. Its all about getting re -elected.

Anonymous said...

Well there goes the neighborhood. When you become vice chairman of the county board you can do anything you want. Folks just strap on your leather you are in for a rip roaring year.Church Lady this is only something that you would think of. What a disruption of my life and my friends. You will be hearing from us.

Anonymous said...

Property Rights? What Property Rights?
We Are IN MIAMI B****
Coming to a School or Incorporated Park near You.
Just ask the MDC neighbors that are within 500 feet (try 100 Feet) of David Fairchild Elementary school, about how many public hearings that have been held for their Events "0" -Carnivals, Movie night, halloween night, back to school night, and now Work out Saturdays with loud speakers used to yell counting numbers over music, even when there is no Parking available, and the City of South Miami Park leased to the YMCA of Greater Miami FAIL and the South Miami Grey Ghosts Soccer Club Inc. FAIL with their Generators and Flood Lights for more than 15 days.
Destroying Public green space one soccer field at a time.
Yes Two Private Corporations taking over one PUBLIC Park...No Public Access for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Basically a give away to the churches. The scary think is that none of the others will stand up against this flagrant violsaiton of neighborliness. If it makes someone money -- the heck with the noise. I am sure some her backers are simply delighted.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd ever see the day come when local municipalities would almost be blatantly violating church v state laws. I'd also never thought I'd see the day that organizations (churches, llc, stadium owners, etc) would have more say than property owners who pay taxes and their salaries, and then I moved to Dade Cty!

On the upside, these moves may be "popular" to some but actually may not get the votes as one would think. Romney lost Miami Dade. He lost in Dist. 8 due to a deplorable turn out in the unincorporated areas. The Dem State Rep candidate won in the Dist. 8 precincts, at least most of them, enough to let one think there's not a lot of wiggle room there.

Bell was a fluke because of the tea party now I guess she's just flunky for the Churches. Yes, the big mega church across the street from her church did vote for her. However, she still won by only 300 votes and the dist is more democratic now, no matter how hard she tried to work the numbers, they're not panning out.

In any event, good luck Palmetto Bay. The voters there will not support Bell. DuBois and 2nd place finisher Ariza will but the Palmer Trinity parents don't live the in the Dist, as per so many hearings on this thing!

Anonymous said...

This ordinance is the brain child of legislative Director Joanna Faddis, the lady who was just lost her case against the city of Homestead because she perjured herself to the court and lied under oath several times, the same lady playing with other commissioners !@#$$....

Anonymous said...

What does the chief of staff do all day?

Johanna runs the place her way without his knowledge or the knowledge of Bell.

She reports to work no earlier than 9:45 am, goes to lunch for at least two hours and leave the office no later than 4:00 pm. Plus several in between trips of visitors. She is not a part time employee?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the lawsuits from all angles with the stuff coming out of this district office. They have a perjurer on payroll who may or may not be included in the least competent office staff of the county commission; Bovo is running second place there and why is no one in jail for absentee ballot fraud leading right to his doorstep?

Diaz should be tarred and feathered for tinkering with the religious stuff and WTF is the CFC? The Christian Coalition has been around for a long time. They never get this involved in local stuff at least from what I remember. The CFC has been making a lot of claims of community work and does anyone know what they really do other than the founder owning a heck of a lot of property inside and outside the UDB!

As to this ordinance and the other stuff this moron has proposed I can only hope she'll be a one term commissioner like her mayoral stint in Hudstead! It's incredibly difficult to NOT get re elected there so one has to really wonder how stupid this woman is.

I'm sure she'll be bankrolled in 2014 by a ton of people but this kind of stuff and her legislative record will be out there for all to see! And of course she'll continue using OUR county tax dollars to BUY the votes (pardon the Romney pun) from the "little" people she's supposed to be serving, not vice versa!