Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Great wins for the nation, from Florida ... by gimleteye

It doesn't get better than this: Joe Garcia finally defeated GOP Congressman David Rivera. Amazing that Rivera garnered any votes at all. The low set by Rivera was only matched by Broward congressman Allen West, apparently defeated by newcomer Democrat Patrick Murphy. Where Republican donors abandoned Rivera in droves, the opposite occurred with West -- his inflammatory rhetoric and conspiracy theories made him the darling of Tea Party acolytes and corporate sponsors-- who raised $17 million compared to Murphy's $3.7 million.

Tea Party, "pro-life" ballot measures promoted by radical GOP extremists including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, also lost at the polls. 


Anonymous said...

Where is Ana Aliegro? Is she out of rehab yet?

Anonymous said...

Rockin' Good News. A few hard-cores in the FL Leg lost too. Scott Plaken defeated by Karen Castor Dentel, a schoolteacher. Retired FF Mike Clelland is giving Chris Dorworth a run. Clelland leads by about 40 votes. They are counting provisionals then a recount. Keep our fingers crossed. Dorworth was penciled in as House Speaker in 2016. The Repubs lost their super-majority. Maybe their leadership will stand up and take notice that their initiatives are not welcome in this state.