Saturday, November 03, 2012

Early Voting the Final Wait Time. By Geniusofdespair

The Elections Department, as of 6:42pm, had the final wait time for early voting: Coral Reef Library, The Election Department, Miami Lakes Public Library, Model City Library, South Dade Regional Library and West Kendall Regional Library all have 6 hour waits.  That means they won't get out of there till 1 or 2am. Then, and only then, will early voting be over.


Anonymous said...

Gov Scott should have had the decency to extend early voting to Sunday. And Carlos Gimenez should have had the courage to demand it for his citizens. Shame on them both. Hopefully they will both be booted out of office soon. And we won't have to see Romney rePublicans again.

Anonymous said...

The county could have opened as many early votes as it wanted. If you need to assess blame for long lines, put it where it belongs ... on Gimenez, Townsley, and rest of the unqualified hacks at the county elections department who chose to limit the number of early voting sites to 20.

Anonymous said...

Elections cost money. The more sites open, the more people needed to operate those sites. You want your taxed lowered but then want more services. Enjoy your $30-$60 dollar tax savings. Hope the lines are not longer the next time around.