Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breaking News: Target Buys Land Outside the UDB From Lowes Store. By geniusofdespair

Read Oscar Musibay's article in the South Florida Business Journal: Will Target - like Lowe's - push for store outside Miami's urban boundary?

I hope this isn't a case of: HERE WE GO AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

I think Target may be putting a store on the portion of those folio's inside the UDB. I saw something about this a month or two ago. However, it doesn't make anyone rest easy because even if they do that you know the "store expansion" will come and that will be outside the UDB when that happens!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotting this sale! I am so nervous about this commission.

Anonymous said...

The original, infamous Lowes hearing I will never forget, unfortunately, the famous last words of Sally Heyman when she approved it to get back the DCA comments. Had she not done that, Lowes could have been DoA at the BCC.............She was the deciding vote.

In regard to Target, thanks for keeping up the the UDB stuff. As someone wrote, I too am very nervous at the current BCC because there are some unknowns in addition to the URM! I don't mean people, I mean voting trends.