Tuesday, November 06, 2012

2012 Election Results - Miami Dade County Early Voting and Absentee Ballots. By Geniusofdespair


Early Voting Combined with Absentee Ballots Results, if the numbers aren't close on LOCAL races you can figure out who is going to win  based on these numbers without looking at the final numbers.  BTW Allen West is losing 49.59% (8.52pm)

You can tell a lot with the early numbers. Remember in the National Races and the State Charter Amendments that these are ONLY Miami Dade county numbers. You must add in the rest of the State.
President of the US:

Mitt Romney ab 96,910 early 65, 652 - 162,574
Barack Obama ab 97,292 early 168,109 - 265,458
US Senator:
Connie Mack ab 85,368 early 59,234 - 144,615
Bill Nelson ab 98,183 early 163,094 - 261,330

Representative in Congress
District 23: (This District includes Broward)
Debbie Wasserman Shultz ab 8,694 early 11,480 -  20,182
Karen Harrington ab 6,007 early 4,942 - 10,951

District 26:  (This District includes Monroe)
Joe Garcia ab  21,018, early 34,000 - 55,020  (53.57% Statewide)
David Rivera ab 24,820, early 19404 - 44,227  
I Predict Joe Garcia is a winner

State Senator:

District 35
Senator Gwen Margolis ab 21,745 early 31,805 - 53,572
John Courier ab16,479 early 13,864 - 30,347
I Predict Gwen Margolis winner

District 39 (Includes Monroe)
Scott Hopes ab 3,113, early 3,424 - 6,538
Dwight Bullard ab 12,120, early 29,350 - 41,477
I Predict Dwight Bullard the winner

State Representative, District 112: 
Jose Javier Rodriguez ab 5,395 early 8,939 - 14,835
Alex Diaz de la Portilla ab 7,401 early 5,191 - 12,593
(this one is a surprise to me. 9:30 Javier is pulling ahead 54%)

State Representative, District  114: (brain dead district)
Erik Fresen ab 8,408 early 6,865 - 15,273
Ross Hancock ab 5,846 early 8,928 - 14,774
(too close to call)

State Representative, District 115:
Michael Bileca ab 8,144 early 6,733 - 14,867
Jeffrey Doc Solomon ab 6,047 early 8,448 - 14,501
(too close to call)

Miami Dade County Commissioners:

District 3:
Audrey Edmonson ab 5,603 early 11,148 - 16,756
Keon Hardemon ab 2,863 early 6,779 - 9,645
I predict Audrey will win

District 5:
Bruno Barreiro ab 6,358 early 5,115 - 11,473
Luis Garcia ab 4,961 early 6,149 - 11,113
(Too close to call)

District 11:
Juan C. Zapata ab 6,547 early 7,199 - 13,746
Manny Machado ab 5,678 early 5,773 - 11,452

County Judges:  
County Judge, Group 24:
Greer Elaine Wallace 55,227 ab 80,861 early
Andrea Wolfson  70,592 ab  76,528 early

State Amendments: (need 60% Statewide this is just Miami Dade)
We endorsed NO on all
1 ab yes 75,986, no 77,642  both: no 58.60%
2 ab yes 122,126, no 42,109 both: yes 62.35% Disabled Veterans
3 ab yes 84,122, no 80,030 both: no 57.24%
4 ab yes 88,382, no 69,322 both: no 53.17%
5 ab yes 65,921, no 91,543 both: no 64.98%
6 ab yes 89,372, no 77,773 both no 56.37%
8 ab yes 89,264, no 71,522 both no 53.60%
9 ab yes 111,306, no 52,249 both yes 57.86%
10 ab yes 88,488, no 71,480 both no 54.46%
11 ab yes 131,269, no 40,410 both yes 63.68% Homestead Exemptions Seniorsc
12 ab yes 73,311, no 84,232 both yes 59.95%
(the above should all have been a big fat NO, they need 60% to pass  2, 11)

School Bond:
For bond 100,028 against ab 66,015 both for: 250,420 against: 117,863

County Charter Questions:
Term Limits  ab yes 135,750, no 29,296: both yes 280,424 no 79,196
Technical Amendment ab yes 103,812, no 36,998: both yes 232,120 no 84,234
2/3 vote for UDB line Movement ab yes 100,580, no 48,525: both yes 232,303 no 102,016
Incorporation (Creation of New Municipalities) ab yes 81,474, no 67,206 both yes 170,166 no 159,938
Enforcement of Citizens Bill of Rights ab yes 69,723 no 79,143: both yes 168,729 no 162,335
Filling Mayoral Vacancies  ab yes 91,628, no 60,826: both yes 210,876 no 126,078
Mayor Conflict in Procurement ab yes 85,916, no 64,060: both yes 200,092 no 132,995
Tennis Center ab yes 122,862, no 42,697: both yes 272,414, no 93,552
Straw vote on animal services (add to millage) ab yes 98,151, no 71,177: both yes 239,000 no 137,458
Straw vote prohibiting use of taxpayers' dollars for companies that do business with countries on the terrorism list ab yes 104,150, no 57,939: both yes 229,239 no 128,276

Coral Gables Truck Ordiance yes 2,847, no 2,812: both yes 6,127 no 5,576
Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor:
 Karen Cunningham ab 714 both 1,418
John Dubois ab 809 both 1,467
Brian Pariser ab 747 both 1,585

I am NOT checking the numbers, you guys do it. It is 8:30pm and they are still voting in Homestead.

These were our endorsements:

Barack Obama
Bill Nelson
Representative in Congress:
District 23 Debbie Wasserman Schultz
District 26 Joe Garcia
State Senator:
District 35 Gwen Margolis (G.O.D. Only*)
District 39 Dwight Bullard (G.O.D. Only)
State Representatives:
District 112 Jose Javier Rodriguez
District 114 Ross Hancock
District 115 Jeffrey Doc Solomon
Justices of the Supreme Court:
Justice R. Fred Lewis YES
Barbara J. Pariente YES
Justice Peggy A. Quince YES
All the other State Judges: NO
County Commissioners:
District 5 Luis Garcia
District 11 Juan Zapata
Constitutional Amendments:
NO on all 12 of them
School Board Bond:
Home Rule Charter "County Questions":
Term Limits YES
Technical Changes YES
Urban Development Boundary YES
Creation of New Municipalities NONE
Enforcement of Citizens Bill of Rights: Gimleteye, Yes ... G.O.D., No
Extend Time to Fill Vacancies of Mayor and Commission NO
Mayor Conflict in County Procurement NO
Tennis Center NO
Non-Binding on Animal Services NO
Non -Binding on Contracting with Companies Terrorism NO (Would you support, to the extent permitted by law, prohibiting further the use of taxpayers’ dollars to procure services or capital improvement projects from companies actively doing business in countries that are on the U.S. Department of State’s list of state sponsors of terrorists.


Leslie T. said...

Great news, but don't count any chickens before they are hatched. Remember the most conservative part of the state, the Panhandle, is still voting. The liberal high population centers (Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties) are counted first. There is always a last minute bump for Republican candidates.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like some of those amendments may pass. What margin do they need?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely shocked on those Amendment #'s!?!

Anonymous said...

Could David Rivera finally be gone!??? Where is Ana Sol Aliegro?

Geniusofdespair said...


Anonymous said...

Tennis Center Yes? WTF

Anonymous said...

I think Tennis Center needs a high percentage vote. How much on that one?

Anonymous said...

Shame on Miami Dade for not being able to run an efficient election! Gov. Scott, you too will be held accountable at the polls!

Anonymous said...

I think it is deliberate. Part of the GOP plan to suppress the vote.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jose Javier. No more Adlp!!!

Anonymous said...

Have they released a turnout rate for Miami-Dade County yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah. Forward & Peace.

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade's elections department is once again the nation's laughingstock. Surely you still cant be defending Townsley.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's headline should be:

"Chiropractor Bites the Big One"

Anonymous said...

Ohio is making the call. Florida is out of the picture. But it looks like Obama will also win Florida. Romney not willing to concede?

Geniusofdespair said...

12:30pm all the precincts have still not been counted in Miami Dade. Solomon and Hancock are losing but not by much. Alan West is also losing last time I looked. Rivera is history. A good night.

Geniusofdespair said...

All the precincts have not been counted/reported so I don't know if what they have posted is final. They say there are 735 of 829 precincts reporting. They say there was a 60.85% turnout. That is hard to believe since the turnout in 2008 was 70.05%. I would have thought this turnout was higher. Maybe it is not the final turnout?? Maybe they need those last precincts to compute it.

Ross said...

Where the Hancock/Fresen race is: we are down 1300 votes but will close that margin when Centennial precincts (where I spent the day) in Cutler Bay report tomorrow -- there are 7 or 8000 voters in those precincts and we did about 2 to 1 ratio in the adjacent precincts. But then there are more ABs to count, so it will be a squeaker no matter what.

Anonymous said...

miami-dade is a national joke. every network commented that miami-dade could not finish the count and went home to sleep. we are an embarrassment. townsley needs to be fired.

Geniusofdespair said...

Final voter turnout in Miami Dade County is 67.36%