Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gimleteye: Extremist Christian Family Coalition stands up for Congressman Allen West

More sex without birth control feels good and is good for America, because without it (and curbing "abortion on demand") America will be overwhelmed by its enemies, seems to be the subliminal message of the Christian Family Coalition. We've written extensively about the organization that rests on the shoulders of a couple of people but claims to represent multitudes with its extremist, anti-gay, anti-choice hatefulness.

On Monday, September 24th, the self-described as "Florida's premiere human rights and social justice organization", held a "2012 Palm Beach Pastor's Appreciation Breakfast" featuring U.S. Congressman, Allen West.

West is the congressman who claimed that 70 or 80 Democrats in Congress were communists. For real. That was April 2012. This November West faces reelection against Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy.

At the recent fund raiser, CFC crowed: "There is no doubt that the Congressman's stirring and powerful message brought a standing ovation and everyone in the room to tears, it was truly inspirational".

Verdugo in 2011 called the 2011 the most successful Florida legislative session in history, claiming 100 percent of the Christian Family Coalition agenda passed in Tallahassee.

The CFC website noted, "Allen West , U.S. Congressional candidate, District 22, talked about the importance of Family, Faith & Education... He also shared with everyone how abortion on demand is actually causing a decrease in our popluation, a country needs a birth rate of 2.1 to sustain itself the United States is currently at a birth rate of only 1.8!"


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Anonymous said...

"...brought everyone to tears...". Hatred will do that.

Anonymous said...

Your words are confusing.

Change anti-gay, a word with an inacurate meaning since "gay" means "happy" to "anti-sodomy" and anti-choice (choice about what exactly?) to "anti-genocide", and your message will be clearer.

Anonymous said...

To the confused anonymous person above. I find the terms anti-gay and anti-choice to be less confusing than so-called pro-lifers who support the death penalty and homophobes who turn out to be closeted homosexuals. If you are both or either, maybe you can help to clear up the confusion.