Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gimleteye: The election, the US Supreme Court, and the new normal

Before drifting off to sleep last night I skipped past a question: do the US Supreme Court justices watch the unfolding tragedy in lower Manhattan and New Jersey with an understanding how their decision called Citizens United is responsible for suppressing any mention during the presidential campaign of climate change and the new economic reality?

The United States is unable to adapt to the new normal -- as represented by the awesome image of seawater pouring into the foundation site for the new World Trade Tower building in Manhattan -- because the power of corporations overwhelms reasonable debate. "Corporations are people", Mitt Romney declared during the GOP primary as though amazed anyone could think differently. It is certainly what a majority of US Supreme Court justices believe; a majority appointed by Republican presidents.

This is what the election comes down to. Democratic governor of New York Andrew Cuomo was televised on nightly news last night, speculating that it was time "to do something", because 100 year flood events have now become two year flood events. But no one is doing anything because our politics are hostage to right wing extremists. According to the GOP extremists, it is every man, woman, and child for themselves.

How will you vote?


Anonymous said...

Are unions people?

Anonymous said...

Are churches people? Are colleges people? Are corporations people? Not in the literal sense, but in the figurative and practical sense, yes, they are. These social institutions are not just artifical entities that exist only on paper. They exist only because of real people. They represent the interests of real people, and they are comprised of, and take action through, real people, giving them a greater power collectively than individually. Maybe you just didn't get Romney's metaphorical flourish. A corporation acts through its officers on behalf of its owners. Ultimately, yes, corporations, churches, unions, and colleges, are all people.

Anonymous said...

You are smoking crack if you think there is ANY connection between Citizens United and the lack of any mention of climate change this election, or between climate change and Hurricane Sandy. Per the IPCC, the earth hasn't warmed in 16 years. Per the IPCC, hurricanes are LESS powerful as the earth warms. Per the Supreme Court in Citizens United, the government cannot restrict the free speech rights of corporations, unions, or non-profits during a political campaign. Furthermore, contrary to Solicitor General Elena Kagan, the government cannot BAN BOOKS or movies by these entities. Sheesh. Your opposition to this free speech case is so very misplaced, as is your uncritical devotion to climate change. I love your blog, but c'mon man, you're sounding like the crazy guy on the street corner with this tortured logic.

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