Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eye on Miami 2012 Election Endorsements

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CATO said...

As I peruse my endless ballot (without the aid of a helpful Hialeah boletera) I ponder the age old question; Can there be too much democracy?

Whats next the mandatory human pooper scooper amendment? Or perhaps no smoking in the bathroom on odd numbered days charter amendment?Human Right for Pet Rocks Constitutional Amendment sounds nice?

I'm writing in Hunter Thompson for President how much more damage can a dead loon do than Barry or Willard?

Pamela Gray said...

I challenge the boletera brigade to come to my home and meet my Doberman Pinscher security team! In fact, I still laugh to this day that the ONLY politician who has walked through my neighborhood campaigning and actually was brave enough to come on to my property when my dogs were out was Mario Diaz Balart, and he would still have my vote if he was still in my district! (his aide stayed outside the gate, but was very polite)!

As to the endorsements, well, it's going to be a free for all no matter what. Our Board of Education just made some decisions basically lowering expectations on students! The race to the bottom continues in Florida!

I am one of those splitting my ticket between the GOP & the Dem's. I am voting Democratic for both the State Senate & State House. I think we've had enough way too far to the right in Tallahassee.