Monday, October 22, 2012

Candidate John Dubois's Mangroves: The Progression

John Dubois is running for Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay and he recently sent out an environmental mailer, to my disgust. Here is why there is an environmental lawsuit against him (not including the fill he also is accused of putting on wetlands):

I traced the outline of the mangroves and trees in a photo taken of John Dubois mansion from the water 06/21/2009 (I had previously dated this photo as 12/27/09, Corrected April 12, 2013).

 This photo was previously taken 5/2009. You can hardly see the mansion.

Both photos superimposed. You can see the older tree line in transparency.

I took just the red line from the newer photo and superimposed it on the older photo. You can see trimming has been done

Now we go to 12/22/10 same mansion:

Now how did that happen?

 Of course all these photos are taken at slightly different angles and I tried to resize them as best I could based on the corner of the house visible. This isn't a scientific rendering, just a sketch. But it does appear that over the years the mangroves have been trimmed back at the mansion of Mr. John Dubois.