Friday, September 28, 2012

Gimleteye: Where in the world is Ana Sol Alliegro?

Even by Miami standards, the scandal wrapping up Congressman David Rivera with illegal campaign cash to undermine a political opponent, through the agencies of a straw man -- Justin Lamar Sternad -- and a deeply troubled woman, GOP political operative, Ana Sol Alliegro is over the top.

Rivera has spent his entire term in Congress digging in his heels, as he did in the case of Magic City Casino money routed through mom, and now is thumbing his nose at the FBI.

Alliegro, a self-described "Republican bad girl", is the key to Rivera, but she disappeared when the latest scandal erupted. Alliegro kept fast company, and not just with Rivera. Justin Lamar Sternad must rue the day he ever met Ana Alliegro, and the others must be wondering what stories Alliegro has to tell if she ever emerges.

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