Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gimleteye: Romney sends a message, welcome to the Crusades, here comes the superPAC money

On his own, Mitt Romney could not defeat President Obama in November: that much, recent polls have made clear. But there are two points of advantage EOM has noted from the beginning of the campaign: voter suppression, adopted by the GOP in key battle ground states and designed to limit mainly Democratic voters, and superPACs, which will have a 10-1 monetary advantage for GOP candidates.

In small Florida newspapers, including the Sarasota Herald Tribune, anti-Obama hate ads have started sprouting including one that lists a series of blatant lies like Barack Hussein Obama will "force doctors to assist homosexuals in buying surrogate babies" and "for Christian organizations to pay for abortions". The emphasis on "Hussein" is reinforced in another anonymous superPAC ad, "Support the civilized man... defeat Jihad."

Forget about the Crusades. Why not just skip to the Roman colosseums where the loss of empire was masked by blood lust aimed at victims thrown into the ring with lions, tigers, or gladiators armed with iron axes and spear tipped poles? Karl Rove's idea -- he's called 'blossom turd' by George W. Bush -- is the moral equivalent of throwing Democrats, homosexuals, and Muslims in a mobile home, pulling out the lawn chairs and letting GOP voters watch while it is set on fire by monied interests independent of the Mitt Romney campaign.

Another reason for Republicans to withhold their vote in November: stay home. Don't vote. Send a message it is time to take back the Grand Old Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, from extremists.


Anonymous said...

A GOP super pac is targeting Florida supreme court justices and meant to give the most unpopular governor in Florida history Rick Scott the chance to stack the court.

Anonymous said...

from wash post, richard cohen: The Republican brain drain
By Richard Cohen
September 24
In 1980 Ronald Reagan won the Republican nomination. He beat a future president, George H.W. Bush; two future Senate majority leaders, Howard Baker and Bob Dole; and two lesser-known congressmen. This year Mitt Romney won the GOP nomination. He beat a radio host, a disgraced former House speaker, a defeated Senate candidate, a former appointee of the Obama administration, a tongue-tied Texas governor, a prevaricating religious zealot who happens to serve in the House of Representatives and a cranky libertarian doctor. Where did all the talent go?
Until the Republican Party can answer this question, it makes no sense to continue to carp about Mitt Romney and the startlingly incompetent presidential campaign he’s running.

Anonymous said...

It's a Koch superpac trying to oust the Florida Supreme Court justices.

David said...

Wouldn't it be just lovely to read the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will surely explode on this blog if the "incompetent" Romney actually defeats the highly competent, highly intelligent, sophisticated, can't-do-anything-wrong Barry; Arriviste In Chief?

grayland said...

Gimleteye: I have to say on the upside, I'm glad you allow comments on your blog posts!

On another note, it makes me giggle when you tell GOP supporters not to vote when Genius always tells people by not voting, someone else is choosing for you.

I choose to not let someone choose for me! I will vote!

If all the polls are so correct, than what would it matter if the GOP turns out in masses, which I will bet $ on they will. Between the media, blog posts like this, and so forth, is just inflaming both the GOP and Independent voters.

To keep telling people not to vote in protest kind of takes away from your argument. JMO

Anonymous said...

Urging voters to not vote is vote suppression in its starkest term.

CATO said...

Gimspierre please explain, is Obama not getting big $$$ support of his own?
Maybe Dems should stay home also.
if Dems and Reps both stay home the US just might have a chance.