Friday, September 21, 2012

Dirty Secret With Miami Dade Fraud - It's A Family Affair. By Geniusofdespair

Mothers and fathers are suppose to teach children to do the right thing. When you look at our elections here in Miami Dade County, the parents are being implicated with the children. Nice. The parent is scum and so is their demon off-spring. I really shouldn't be using Rosemary here in the photo, she was an innocent, it was the devil dad who was the creator of the evil child. Here in Miami Dade county, I think of the movie Rosemary's Baby, since we have many parents who participate in devilish behavior with their children.

You have Ana Alliegro's mother covering for her daughter's terrible behavior. "She's safe." Well, where? No wonder Ana has a 2007 arrest record -- mug shot, have a copy of it -- not sure if she was convicted. She proudly calls herself  a "Conservative bad girl" on her twitter account. That probably makes her mother proud. Heard her father might work in law enforcement. That is too hard for me to accept.

Rosemary's baby.
You then have U.S. Congressman David Rivera working out illegal/unethical deals with his mother and God mother.  All three knew what they were doing. No wonder David Rivera doesn't know right from wrong.  Shadow Banker, Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, has the example of his uncle who admits to collecting absentee ballots illegally for years  and the uncle even insisted to police that he won't ever stop. Now you have Commissioner Bovo's aide Anamary Pedrosa participating, together with her mother, in illegal absentee ballot collection.

What is wrong with these families?  What is the wiser generation teaching the younger generation? To cheat? To lie? To win at any cost? These people are dregs of humanity. The whole lot of them. 

And what of these Judges? The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald asked judges why didn't they report this illegal activity when approached by absentee ballot brokers SELLING votes and describing filling out ballots for oldsters in ALF's?  What did these judges learn about ethics, about right and wrong, about the law?  Apparently nothing. I don't want them judging me - EVER.

The whole bunch of them -- politicians, judges, the ballot brokers, the campaign strategists -- they all make me want to puke because their actions are stealing my vote.