Sunday, August 26, 2012

Interpreting Hurricane Isaac for the GOP ... by gimleteye

The Religious Right blamed Hurricane Katrina on the sinners, unleashing God's devastation on New Orleans. This summer, forest fires scorched Colorado Springs, the home of Focus on the Family and Reverend James Dobson, who shook his rhetorical fist at the wayward when Katrina struck. Now we have a second sign. Isaac was the second son of Abraham.

Now a hurricane bearing his name is bearing down on the Republican National Convention. Look at a map. Hurricane Isaac could have aimed anywhere, but God aimed it. True or false?

Hurricane Isaac has already knocked the plans of the GOP off course. What does that mean?

What does it mean, now that the Republican National Convention has backed off its scheduled start, due to the winds and rain of Isaac? Who was Isaac? We must know.

Isaac was a male. He was an important male, a son of Abraham. In the Bible, Isaac was the child of Abraham with his wife, Sarah. The literal translation means "he will laugh". How does this the meaning apply, we consider on Sunday, our day for reflection and worship.

Isaac was conceived when his mother was beyond child bearing years. A miracle. Father and mother both laughed at the improbable miracle. Who is God laughing at, now? Obama? This is a matter for some reflection.

Maybe Obama is the wrong target. Why a hurricane? Laughter can mix with anger. Isn't that what we have, with Isaac?

Earlier in his life, Isaac had been on the point of sacrifice by his father, Abraham, when the Lord commanded that he be saved and sacrifice a ram, instead. Does God mean to be angry that the Religious Right is taking His words in vain? Are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan the wrong candidates for the nation's highest office, we may ask this Sunday.

The first day of the Republican National Convention: what was scheduled? We have to look, because that is the day that has been postponed by Isaac's arrival.

The opening day was to be called "We Can Do Better", featuring speakers who would focus on President Obama's failures. Mike Huckabee and Gov. Rick Scott were scheduled to speak. And Jeb! Bush. Only God can do better.

Now Hurricane Isaac has blown them off the stage. What is the meaning of this? Why?

The inferences are troubling. What was Isaac's profession? He was a well digger. Think of this.

A well digger. We all need wells for our water. Florida is place where radicals commandeered environmental agencies, throttling regulations, using lawyerly language to destroy the legal meaning of pollution, allowing tens of thousands of wells to be dug, destroying Florida's water supply and aquifers. Would God be laughing at this? The profession of Isaac.

The results of well drilling to dispose of polluted municipal waste is appalling. Who are the well diggers in Florida? Radical extremists in the GOP have used the practice to foster cheap growth and impose tremendous costs on ordinary taxpayers. Yet the GOP represents itself as the party of fiscal responsibility. Of moral superiority.

Pray on this: we know that the Devil is in the details, but we don't know these details because our elected leaders have not been truthful. We don't know the details, but we know Isaac. We know God's laughter accompanied his birth. We know Hurricane Isaac is bearing down His wrath on Tampa.

What should the righteous be listening to, as Hurricane Isaac pushes Jeb! Bush, Mike Huckabee and Gov. Rick Scott from the stage? Thunder and anger.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may have succeeded in delaying the Republican National Convention. They may have rescheduled around the "inconvenience", but questions trail them as they avoid Isaac.

To interpret God's meaning, go to the work. Always go to the work. Isaac was a digger of wells to provide God's gift to man: clean, fresh water to nourish all life. Isn't that what Isaac is bringing to Florida in anger and laughter. Sheets of rain. Who laughs when He is angry? A God who has been rejected and replaced with false idols. Who would destroy God's gifts earns His wrath.

Reverend Robertson and other evangelists: will you reject Isaac's meaning in favor of false idols?


Grayland said...

Great post. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry though!

Anonymous said...

Stop attempting to make something sinister about Hurricane Issac/Republican Convention. This is nothing more than Mother Nature doing her thing. That the Republicn convention got mixed into it with speculation by Democrats hither and tither is not surprising.

Give it a rest.

What are the Democrats going to do when the Republicans win and the they lose? You don't think so?

Ask your self this: Who in their right mind would vote for 4 more years of Obama and the misery he has brought us?

Anonymous said...

Comments like that prove there is so much mercury in our drinking water that mass numbers of people have lost their memory and cognitive abilities. Too many syllables? Get a freaking dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this commentary. It should be spread wide.

Wallace said...

Hither and tither? What century were you born in? 5,000 years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth?

Anonymous said...


You shuldn't make your ignorance so visible.

David said...

The only thing missing from your post is the factless claim that Isaac is a global warming phenomenon fostered by the evil anti-climate change Republicans; who will be consumed by a storm of their own making.

I'm not a religious person, but isn't it ironic that the winds of fate (pun intended) are taking another shot at what Katrina failed to do; wipe that shithole armpit of a city named New Orleans off the map for good.

Sparrow said...

Right wing nut cases love to make their ignorance as public as possible. Rush Limbaugh somehow blames Obama for scaring the Republicans because he is in charge of the national weather service(see

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Republicans are nowhere mentioning the storm and its unavoidable biblical reference. Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would be before someone took a good look at Isaac the hurricane and it's implications in this election. The story of Isaac is about being obedient to God. God wanted to test Abraham's obedience to him to see if he would be willing to kill his son if God required him to do so. God had given him this miracle son, and was asking him to do a very hard thing. He was obedient and took Isaac up for sacrifice but before he could kill him, God stopped Abraham, and a ram was provided to replace Isaac. Using Isaac the hurricane, God wants to know if we as a country are going to be obedient and elect someone who believes in him, or elect someone who believes in false gods?