Friday, August 24, 2012

Almost back in Crazy-Town! By Geniusofdespair

After 16 or 17 hotels and 9 states, I am almost back in Miami-Dade.

Speaking of crazy town have you read the latest article in the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald on David Rivera funding a Democratic candidate:

"Rivera has publicly attacked Sternad’s campaign vendors who spoke about his role, calling them liars or Herald lackeys."

Not so fast David Rivera, you appear to be the liar according to Miami New Times:

"Sternad claims his campaign was run by Ana Alliegro. Now, Riptide has uncovered social media evidence that Rivera and Alliegro appear to be close personal friends."

The New Times asserts that Alliegro is a Republican political operative. On her Facebook page she has a photo of herself and David Rivera (see photo).

Candidate Joe Garcia - candidate and target of the mailers allegedly paid for by Rivera - said: "Now it is time for the FBI and Miami Dade Police to conduct a thorough investigation."

More on crazy: Also check out good article on the Koch Brother and Americans for Prosperity their on the ground activist group. Gimleteye wrote about this today.


Ross said...

That Ana Alliegro is a character. I had a table outside a polling place back during the January Republican primary (I was getting anti-Fresen Republicans to sign my candidate petitions) and she came by about 6 PM, apparently almost intoxicated and with Lamar Sternad's current lawyer, Rick Yabor, in tow. She was telling any pollworkers who would listen that she had been Alex DLP's GF and also that she had been married to "Mayor Loco" Joe Carollo for a few weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

How can we reach out to "low information" voters and let them know about David Rivera? This is so embarrassing to have investigations all the time.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! come back to crazy-town Genius! We miss you!!!

BTW--Allegro's statement of being DPL's girlfriend is true. If my memory doesn't fail me, she was also their employee and most importantly--she was the first political candidate who committed fraud in the campaign finance initiative that Jimmy Morales implemented.

Anonymous said...

Ana Sol Aliegro is a disgusting pig of a woman who used to date Alex DDLP. He has nothing to do with her now, she's a washed up looney toon who belongs in the circus.