Tuesday, July 17, 2012

U.S. Rep. David Rivera's Seat: The Campaign Reports. By Geniusofdespair

Gloria Romero Roses 4/1 through 6/30:

She has an 86 page report. She collected $99,397.52. Total from individuals is $95,183. She has a loan of $150,000.00.  Most of her money is local. She is getting money from Act Blue out of Cambridge Mass. Her total receipts are $249,397.52

Joe Garcia 4/1 through 6/30:

He has a 1181 page report. He collected $250,294.12. Total from individuals is $228,194.12. His total receipts are $250,194.12. No loans. He has more out of State than Roses. But mostly the donors are from Florida.

Asshole David Rivera 4/1 through 6/30:

He has a 52 page report. He has collected $92,700. His total from individuals is $63,450. Pitiful.

Obviously he has been collecting for awhile longer than the other two,  so his election cycle to date is $233,050.08. Here are some giving to bad government so you can call them up if you know them: Jeffrey Horstmyer, Mario Jardon, Alex Latra, Mirtha Rebstock, John R. Reed, Sandra Reus and Nera Shefer. Comcast Corporation PAC gave him $3,500. Shame on them and the Air Traffic Controllers who gave him a ton of money.  The U.S. Sugar PAC gave him $3,500 - no surprise there.


RAUL ALFA said...

It is a shame because the money spent on political campaigns and the vast majority are large companies, they do not say who gives the money and make them personal checks are companies ponderosas "GREAT INTEESES" As travel companies Cuba, FPL, CONCAST, ETC
If it were possible to know who the donors I'm sure we would find many things that lead to corruption

Anonymous said...

Sugar is an equally opportunity political polluter.

Anonymous said...

Rivera will win his seat. Very few people know campaign strategy more than he does. Besides, he is not the first or last who has bad press. Many Dems do also.

Besides, Obama will lose and will not be able to bring the Democrat in on his coat tails which he will not have.

Geniusofdespair said...

I don't think you are accurate... On anything.

Anonymous said...

I lament that we didn't have a Republican to run against him. A Republican will take this seat, but David has to go. He is bad for the brand. Let's face it. Fernandez Rundle protects him for her own reasons, I assume.

Joe needs to run for races he can win.


Geniusofdespair said...

There is a Republican in this race turkey. Bodin.