Friday, July 27, 2012

Second in the Series: Red Flag, Red Flag on State Rep. District 100, Now My Absentee Ballot is Useless. By Geniusofdespair

What to do, What to do? On July 25th I said vote for Joe Gibbons in District 100 for State Rep. Yesterday I got his flyer. It is a DEAL BREAKER for me. He was endorsed by Associated Industries of Florida. How bad is that? Really bad to me. Eye on Miami has 31 posts on AIF and we have 26 on their former leader Barney Bishop. I assure you NONE of the posts are good. Associated Industries attacked the Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment more than any other group. They are not just pro-business they are militantly anti-citizen/consumer. They backed Governor Scott with a vengeance. A Democrat having their support...No way! Yes I can see that Joe Gibbons designed this flyer to get Republicans - with his party only in 9 point type at the bottom - Well you just lost this Republican (Yes, I am a registered Republican).

Now the other guy in the race is pretty bad. The flyers from Shelly Lisbon said "A Vote for Shelly Lisbon is a vote for the Jewish Community." The Anti Defamation League contacted Lisbon and said: "Appealing to voters along religious lines is divisive..." Lisbon shot back: "ADL is a despicable organization." Really stupid!!! (see my latest post I have again changed back to Gibbons)

Well, Associated Industries of Florida actually is a "despicable organization." It is anti consumer all the way, heavily lobbying on behalf of every pro-business perk you can think of. Here is one I hate: "Encourage Florida’s state and federal elected officials to oppose the enactment of unscientific numeric nutrient content levels in Florida’s waterbodies." We want that folks. And, how about this one: "Oppose the expansion of the current contamination notification law." Now that will help people...not.

However, I have to think about who would do less harm as both these candidates are totally useless. I NOW think Lisbon would. He is clueless yes, but I don't think he would side with the Republicans on AIF issues. And that to me is a big plus. Small mind or a dangerous mind? Go to the AIF website. Only 4 House Democrats were stupid enough to get their endorsement. AIF is behind every bad bill in Tallahassee and they have 21 lobbyists to push their agenda.

Ron Saunders is also on the AIF endorsement list. Think about that people in Senate District 39. Maybe Dwight Bullard is the way to go. And, a word to Gwen Margolis, get off AIF's endorsement list. What is wrong with you guys?

Why are the pickings so slim in this election? Maybe it is because I know too much. Make your own decisions based on what you know as I can't recommend either one in this race. Note, the more you know, the worse it is when choosing.

In his defense Gibbons said he had two of his bills killed by AIF and that he did not interview with them and doesn't support them. I guess I have to believe him because the other guy is a Republican posing as a Democrat.

My last comment: So why are they there? He agreed they weren't a good organization but somehow they are there on his flyer. He mentioned all the good groups that endorsed him and there were plenty on the flyer that were good groups, but I said, well what if one of them were the Nazi Party...that one bad one can taint the good. I do respect him for owning up to the whole mess and that he cared enough to call. But the AIF...what a shit group and why would they endorse him.

SEE PART 4, I finally made up my mind after 4 posts.


Grayland said...

I usually do either AB voting or early voting. This year, with so many unknowns about candidates, I will wait until election day.

Ross said...

Saunders also just reported a bunch of contributions from Big Sugar.

Anonymous said...

to bad.

Anonymous said...

Good for EOM! AOF is an awful group.

Anonymous said...

When you plug into the cartels and coalitions of the GOP Elite in the north of the state, you have to realize that some of these guys can't even have a campaign unless they take money. Judge 'em by their actions. Remember, Katy always took money from all.

Anonymous said...

Ron Saunders is 'open' for business more so now than at any time in his unexceptional political career. How'd your bar do in Tallahassee, Ron?

Alex said...

As a candidate for State representative in District 112 I attended their meet the candidates forum at the Marriott Hotel earlier in the year. I can honestly tell you that not getting the endorsement from them (AIF)was not a disappointment. I was asked about drilling of the Florida coast (of course I answered no). They asked about FPL building a new nuclear plant , they asked about Alf reforms (which I am strongly in favor as my father is currently living in one). Suffice to say that they did not like my answers. In retrospect most of the organizations all of us candidates have attended have been an eye opener. Why on earth a candidate would want the actual endorsement still has me scratching my head. It's not about how much money we raise( although it helps) but actually getting out and meeting the voters in the district face to face even if you don't agree on 100% of the issues. Good luck to everyone and make sure to exercise your right to vote on Aug 14.

Alex Dominguez
Candidate for State House District 112

Anonymous said...

Dwight Bullard was the only Legislator to enlist in Katy Sorenson's Good Government Initiative in the inaugural class.

Now to be fair, the program is designed for new legislators and Saunders has been around forever, but still it shows that Bullard has a real interest in good governance.

Anonymous said...

I remember Denis Rod stating when he was running for public office how people came up to him and wanted to sell absentee ballots. When he took it to the ethics department they said that he did not have enough evidence. They would not even question the other party. They swept it under the rug. Convenient!!