Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's hot out there. Rush and Glenn: Do you believe in global warming NOW? ... by gimleteye

The signs are everywhere that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have been wrong about global warming, and yet millions of listeners, who are presumably also voters, have blocked their ears to the terrible damage done to our nation, in order to defend the rights and profits of polluters.

Over the past few days, looking at the temperature maps across the nation and the epic wildfires in the American West, I wonder: how much more ignorance can our nation stand?

The Indian subcontinent is also -- surprise -- in the midst of a heat wave where it has been the hottest summer on record. It was 108 in New Delhi the other day. Some parts of India are headed to temperatures higher than 122 degrees. "Everyone in India is talking about the temperatures", according to a recent UK Guardian report. Bear in mind (Senator Marco Rubio, who still will not talk with climate change scientists), the last forty years have been the prelude: we are living through the opening act of climate change.

Let's see if Rush and Glenn can turn the temperature down. And if they can't, what do their conservative right-wing listeners propose as an alternative to denial? We are listening.


Anonymous said...


Over the past few years, daily record high temperatures have been outpacing daily record lows by 2-to-1 on average, according to the website Climate Central. A 2009 study found that if the climate were not warming, that ratio would be expected to be even. So far this year, there have been 40,113 high temperature records set or tied, compared with just 5,835 cold records, a ratio of about 7-to-1.

Anonymous said...

Gimlet, while I don't disagree that our Mother Earth is showing her wear from years of neglect including fossil fuel combustion, deforestation, urban sprawl, etc., pointing at recent heat waves is way off base. Yes it's hot in the US. But really, in SoFla, we had a mild spring. The heat really didn't hit us until late May/early June. I recall years past when it was dreadfully hot in April.

We can't point to recent history in determining whether or not our world is warming.

Anonymous said...

Let's all get past having to prove global warming is happening and get to doing something about it- reducing carbon emissions -not for our comfort - but the survival of future generations, of people yes but all the earths inhabitants, too, since we are part of a whole.

Anonymous said...

a solution: Paint the streets white, and make the lines black (instead of what we now have black with white lines). White reflects heat... instant 25 degrees cooler.