Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eye on Miami Works Against Fraud. By Geniusofdespair

At the June 13th Miami Dade County Infrastructure and Land Use Committee Meeting, Eye on Miami was congratulated for its participation in stamping out Absentee Ballot Fraud. In This instance it was the adoption of a collaboration between the Elections Department and the Florida Assisted Living Associations to do absentee ballot collection by the Elections Department, leaving those dastardly ballot brokers nothing to tamper with. In other words cutting out the middle man/woman. Anyway you can hear Eye on Miami recognized FOR A SECOND time in this effort and in a funny turn, you can hear Commissioner Jordan ask Commissioner Sosa, "What is Eye on Miami?" (Go to 50 seconds on Counter)

So besides breaking the North Miami Absentee Ballot story and getting Commissioner Sosa to institute the penalties for collecting ballots illegally, Eye on Miami worked with the Elections Department to get this ALF program underway.  Elections Supervisor Penelope Townsley said 35 Facilities have already requested training from Elections.

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Anonymous said...

Guaranteed Jordan knows "what is eyeonmiami" this is her way of marginalizing you.