Friday, July 27, 2012

3rd in the Series: New Development in the District 100 State Race. By Geniusofdespair

I am trashing Sheldon Lisbon again, running for State Rep in District 100. Won't vote for him.

I just got a Sheldon Lisbon flyer paid for by Nature Coast Conservatives. Well if that isn't a bad sign I don't know what is. (see my post earlier today)

The Republican Party of Florida gave to the Committee that funded this Nature Coast Conservatives PAC. Also Robert Novoa of 8835 SW 107 Avenue, Miami funded this flyer "Tell the Public the Facts" is his electioneering Committee. I also found a mugshot for that name. Hope it isn't the same guy. Also Big Sugar gave to this PAC and Wayne Huizenga. Worse, the Committee for a Conservative House gave. Remember Lisbon is SUPPOSED to be a Democrat.

So now I am back to voting for Joe Gibbons or maybe voting for no one. I feel like a yoyo. The District 100 race has beaten me down. I said I wanted to vote for the one who would do the least harm. Maybe Lisbon's conservative ties would make him more harmful than Joe. Gibbons said it was a mistake to print that endorsement from AIF (even though I got it on two flyers) but this other guy he is just too slippery and conservative. Even for a Republican like me. And Lisbon calling the Anti Defamation League a despicable organization...that really sucked.



Anonymous said...

It is the candidates fault you are confused. Instead of getting out there to campaign, they are making you decide based on campaign fliers. That is not a way to elect someone.

Anonymous said...

Hate to get off subject but please tell Pena that Metro PCS and Vista Print have different addresses. See her current report,

Paula Hagen said...

Why would your PAC get involved in the mayoral race for a small town like Miami Lakes? The only candidate running for Mayor who is using a PAC to pay for mailing is Nelson Rodriguez. It is a clean race except for out side intervention of your PAC,"Tell the Public the Facts, Inc." I have respected your goals in the past, but in this case it is inappropriate. What are your motives?
Paula Hagen