Wednesday, June 06, 2012

From our man in Havana ... by gimleteye

Jorge Perez walked in for lunch in Havana yesterday. At a nearby table, Perez and his wife were entertained by a beefy gentleman in a tight shirt. Was Mr. Perez in Havana for the art show or some other business. Perhaps, for Genting's casino ambitions? (cf. our blog on Jorge Perez) Or perhaps to investigate condo development in downtown Havana. How many billions vanished in the kleig lights and fumes of the housing boom? ... I was tempted to ask but was caught in reverie, wondering if this would soon become a place where you are as likely to run into Miami businessmen as at Green Street in Coconut Grove. Is Havana the new Aspen? Alfie Fanjul was here a few weeks ago. Now, Mr. Fanjul is a billionaire Cuban American for real. (Perez, on the kindness of bankerz.) If our man in Havana knew Florida's Big Sugar was in Havana, what would he have asked about the Fanjul's non-stop use of Florida's Everglades as a cesspool for phosphorous and mercury. Sugar poisons people, the Everglades, and Florida politics. There is no end to things to wonder about, from Havana.

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