Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Does Ron Saunders Favor the Keys? By Geniusofdespair

Rep. Ron Saunders district goes all the way to South Dade from Key West. He lives in Key West. According to my friends down South, except for election time, Saunders does a vanishing act in Miami Dade County. But somehow he keeps getting elected. Saunders actually was the House minority leader from 2010 - 2012. He didn't seem to Co-Sponsor anything earth shattering...i.e. Honoring the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary (HR 9013).

Democrat Saunders actually lost the election in Miami Dade County with 44.61% of the vote: It was 6,353 votes for Saunders to McPherson's 7,213. In Monroe County Saunders got 15,948 to McPherson's 8,505. Saunders in now running in the State Senate, in what was the Larcenia Bullard seat. Bullard's son Dwight is running for the Mom's vacated seat (remind you of the Meeks?). Once the maps are finalized maybe I can figure out the make-up of the district. But with James Bush III also on the ticket, the Black vote will be split and maybe Saunders can pull off the primary (no runoff in State Elections) -- It would have been easier for him if he paid some more attention to his constituents in Miami Dade County throughout his term.

Monroe County has 18,785 Republicans and 16,608 Democrats (13,990 are registered as other). In total, Monroe County has 49,383 voters. Personally I think it is unfair to jam the Keys in with part of Miami Dade County. It is two different worlds.


Anonymous said...

Ron Saunders is usless in Homestead. The fact is, I have never seen him even mentioned here. I have never seen the man here. I once approached him at a Chamber meeting (couldn't believe he was there) to ask for help on a matter, and he sent me to Representative Zappata who was not my representative, but who helped me.

If ever there was joke perpetrated on the people of Homestead and Florida City it is Ron Saunders.

I will actively work towards his defeat.

Anonymous said...

Saunders has been a good Representative for us. I supported and will Support him in his State Senate run.

Anonymous said...

Maps are finalized. Supreme court approved tem and yesterday a circuit judge disallowed any injunction. Also, there are no run offs in state primaries. Most votes win.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2: Ron Saunders must either be a friend or relative of yours or, maybe you do not live in Hmestead or Florida City. It is a kn own fact that he ignores our two cities and, therefore, will be ignored by the voters of these cities.

This is nothing new. It is only the last part of his non-representation of those of us living in Homestead over the years. He simply is useless. Nobody here, except the hard-core political types even knows his name or who he is and they, Democrats and Republicans agree he is hopeless.

So, if he is taking care of you and yours consider yourself privileged and lucky. It is the rest of us unconnected folks who he ignores that make us curious about his psuedo representation.


Anonymous said...

This district is a meadering mess. Take real look at it. This kind of design should not be allowed.

Bullard is a nice guy who lets staff run the office or his moms staff. I never saw him do anything.

The 3rd guy running is Bush and he already has his illegal signs up and stuck to fences.

At least Saunders has held leadership positions and is a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Saunders is speaking to the Soroptimists Club in Homestead on May 22, the Homestead Rotary on May 23, and the Homestead/Florida City Chamber on May 24. Sounds like he is in the area more than you think.

Geniusofdespair said...

It is election time you buffoon -- that is why he is in Dade.

Anonymous said...

In guess "Genius" doesn't adhere to the one rule on this blog: "Do not attack the bloggers!" unless "Genius" thinks "buffoon" is a compliment. Sounds like someone has a personal thing about Saunders other than he is not in Dade a lot- although he is there a lot more than Sen. Bullard has been to the Keys, Collier, or Hendry County which are in her district.

Geniusofdespair said...

First I am the only blogger. You are making comments on my blog. It is not a rule that I can't attack you. Second I said people in South Dade said they never saw Saunders except at election time, then you said he is all over South Dade now. Well that is because it is election time. Why couldn't you figure that out?