Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rep. David Rivera Lived off His Campaign Accounts. By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald's  Scott Hiaasen and Patricia Mazzei went through the close out memo of the investigation of U.S. Rep. David Rivera and they give us the scoop:

"In a memo wrapping up their case, Miami-Dade prosecutors said Rivera “essentially live[d] off” campaign contributions for almost a decade while serving as a part-time state lawmaker, paying mortgages on four different properties and jetting around the globe though he never held a full-time job or earned more than $28,000 a year."

Read the article, there is plenty more! It is important to point out his roommate for a few years was Senator Marco Rubio. Like he didn't know what Rivera was up to.


Anonymous said...

This guy is just creepy. I don't understand why the R party continues to blindly support people live Rivera.

Anonymous said...

To first anon - the Rubio/JeB connections...........It's not rocket science. He will easily get re elected because of the GOP spin cycle already is in full gear. They're not going to lose a Congressional seat against an unknown Dem with an ALF investor business (see the Genius post regarding Absentee Ballots), that's where there's the biggest problems and the primary witness to the abuse & fraud case lived (if I remember right).

Personally, I'll be looking at connection within both of those candidate races. It will be interesting.

Pick your poison, as they say! At least Rivera knows where the Everglades is without the use of a GPS and did throw us a small financial bone towards it, but otherwise, he's done nothing but collect his pay, which he can now live on, somewhat quoting Fred Grimm's piece from this morning.