Monday, April 30, 2012

Miami Dade County Website is a Beat Behind On County Charter Review. By Geniusofdespair

Senator Rene Garcia
There is news related to the Miami Dade County Charter Review Task Force but don't look on the County Website, it hasn't been updated since April 19th. The Task Force had a meeting on April 19th. I found out more about the Task Force by reading Miami Today.

Former School Board Member Evelyn Langlieb Greer is the Vice Chair and Senator Rene Garcia is the Chair.  I previously reported on the Senator. Thankfully, Miami Beach is putting on Victor Diaz who was the chair of the last Charter Review Task Force.  Jeff Bercow is gone -- Lobbyists aren't allowed. Let's hope Bruno Barreiro does better this time.

Regarding that lobbyist ban on members, does anyone really believe that, Barbara Jordan's pick, Terry Murphy isn't lobbying?

Xavier Suarez's pick - Rep. Carlos Trujillo - isn't his District West from Kendall to Doral? Isn't Xavier's district to the East? Why this guy? Trujillo introduced the
Water Hyacinths bill that would have repealed provisions relating to prohibitions on placement of water hyacinths in any streams or waters of the state. It died.

Does anyone know if Yolanda Aguilar, Rebeca Sosa's pick, is the Spanish language radio talk show host? She is the city Manager of West Miami according to a reader. I think I might have reported that, but who remembers what I report. I don't.

County Website person: If you call Evelyn Greer 'honorable', then you have to call Don Slesnick and Carlos Manrique honorable (all the former politicians). Or, better, get rid of that stupid word. How about 'Former Office Holder', 'washed up' or NOTHING to be more accurate. You also have Isis Garcia-Martinez as an honorable, that would mean there should be 5 more honorable titles if you want to be consistent for current office holders. And, in the name of consistency, you might dump the Esquire title you have on 2 of them as there are many more lawyers on this panel. Maybe your listing should include it all: Honorable, Former Coral Gables Mayor, Lost His Last Election Donald Slesnick, Esq. or Honorable Former School Board Member voted out, Evelyn Langlieb Greer, Esq. Vice Chair.

Here is another bill that Carlos Trujillo Sponsored (glad it too died):

CS/HB 137 - Offenses Against Unborn Children:
General Bill by Ahern and Trujillo

Offenses Against Unborn Children: Designates act "Florida Unborn Victims of Violence Act"; revises provisions relating to vehicular homicide; defines term "unborn child" for specified purposes; revises terminology to refer to "unborn child" rather than "viable fetus"; provides specified exemptions from prosecution; provides that certain offenses relating to killing of unborn child by injury to mother do not require specified knowledge or intent or death of mother; provides legislative intent; conforms terminology.
Effective Date: October 1, 2012
Last Event: Died in Judiciary Committee on Friday, March 09, 2012 11:59 PM


King Esquire said...

Dump all the titles. Might dump the people as well.

Anonymous said...

Yolanda Aguilar is the City Manager of the City of West Miami

Anonymous said...

Trujillo authored an anti-casino piece and voted against the bill in Tallahassee, so he gets a temporary pass in my book.

E said...

So who is charge of the website? Oh, that's right ... Henry Sori.

Remember Henry Sori was the crony/chauffeur/personal trainer for George Burgess while Burgess ran the county into the ground. Despite having no technology experience nor operations experience, Mayor Gimenez still amazingly appointed the unqualified Sori to head the Community Information & Outreach department which runs the county website. Of course, like all of Gimenez's appointments, it was without a job posting and without competitive job interviews.

When Sori profusely thanked Alina Hudak for his new position at the county commission hearing, I almost threw up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I've had too long a day enduring this crappy weather, but I would find it even more hysterical if the Dim one nominated VNS herself to this Board!

I guess Miami Beach is atoning (early or late, whichever way you want to look at it) for their Code Enforcement goons by putting the actual person with the most experience and has remained pretty decent through the years by appointing Victor. Too bad, not one of the BCC could have made the same appointment, but had to pick career politicians to serve as "citizens"!

Anonymous said...

Sori's dad also works for the County and is well-connected with the Cuban exilio community. Sori is not competent, but that's no different than rest of those leftovers from the Burgess era.

Anonymous said...

Terry Murphy isn't lobbying. He's been working on his doctoral degree. Plus, the 2 year lobbying ban for County Commission employees means he still has a while to go before he can start prowling the back corridors of County Hall.

Geniusofdespair said...

He is already there prowling that is why I am suspicious. I have seen him on two occasions...

Anonymous said...

Just to know, were you lobbying when you were prowling County Hall?
Many citizens visit County Hall and it doesn't mean they are all lobbyists.