Friday, April 27, 2012

David Rivera & Alex Diaz de la Portilla: A case study. By Geniusofdespair

Yes, this is only a 2008 election of Republican State Executive Committeeman but still very interesting.  If you look at election day and early voting only, Alex Diaz de la Portilla got 16,178 and David Rivera got 15,592,  that would have made Alex the vote winner. When you add in absentee ballots the story changes: David Rivera gets 3,028 more votes then Alex. David Rivera is one candidate that we KNOW is tied into to the absentee ballot machine.  I am told he is the boletera's darling. In this election it is pretty clear that absentee ballots changed the results. 

Most of the time when I complain that a candidate got too many absentee ballots relative to other voting methods, they tell me that Democrats don't use absentee ballots as much, so that is why absentee's are lopsided in favor of Republicans.  Well, then, explain this one to me: This is Republican on Republican. I would expect in all manners of voting, the ratio would have been similar. But here the absentee's are lopsided. Why?

The Miami Herald blasted David Rivera in an editorial today re: the State Attorney's close-out memo.


Anonymous said...

The editorial states that Florida law should be changed. While we're at it, let's also change the State Attorney.

Anonymous said...

To the first anon - I'll buy the 1st round at the victory party for whoever beats the Rundle machine - she does have one too. I'm sure she's learned a lot investigating this crap (and not prosecuting it, or within the statute of limitations).

My wish - which I keep repeating until it comes true - is that enough public officials in Miami Dade actually end up in Jail to have a full fledged Council (local or county) meeting, with the lobbyists and environmental destroyers with them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're wrong again GOD. Alex de la Portilla is one of the pioneers of AB machine. What are you talking about. Ask around. Please. Really.

Anonymous said...

True anon above. The DLP are true political operatives... How can anyone make Alex de la Portilla out to be the underdog on AB's??? Now we've heard it all.

Geniusofdespair said...

Of course I know that Alex is a master of Absentee Ballot collection (all the winners are) but Rivera is better. Much better. He orchestrated Lynda Bell's absentee vote win. He is simply more plugged in with the absentee ballot machine in Miami.

Instead of always trying to prove me wrong, give another good reason for the disparity in absentee votes here.

Anonymous said...

A bad day maybe.... Barcelona and Real Madrid lost earlier this week in the Champions Luegue in Europe... Shit happens.