Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Covenant Appears to be Worthless in Miami Dade County Unless the County Commission Steps Up. By Geniusofdespair

Will the County Commission Betray Our Trust?

A covenant was recorded May 30th 2008 with the term above.
Because of the covenant, the County Commission moved the Urban Development Boundary
for the applicant. Now, 4 years later, on a 30 year covenant,
the owners are trying to get the covenant lifted.
You can Read the entire covenant at this link.
I looked up various definitions of Covenant from different sources:

A covenant is a solemn agreement to engage in or refrain from a specified action; A binding agreement; a compact; A formal sealed agreement or contract; A usually formal, solemn, and binding agreement.

A promise was made in 2008 that there would be no residential on this property if only the County Commissioners would move the Urban Development Boundary.  The Commissioners listened to this plea and they moved the Urban Development Boundary only if the developers would put a covenant on the property that it would NOT be residential. The developer complied and registered a 30 year covenant. The Urban Development Boundary was thus moved.

Now the Brown's are back only 4 years later and they want residential on this same property.  Are they kidding?  Is this what the public trust is about? The Planning Advisory Board incredibly said okay to this request.  Now let's see what the County Commission does.  I would be shocked if they ok this request.  They can't  ever be trusted if they do.

Victor and David Brown were the main investors in this Charles E. Bloom property. The Browns must have had an option to buy as they were pushing the UDB move even though the Blooms owned it.  The Blooms sold the property to the Browns et al for $15,000,000 12/31/2009. The Blooms are holding a $12,750,000 mortgage on the property and they registered the covenant. 


Anonymous said...

I'm only laughing because they paid so much for that property. I cannot even imagine a far market value in today's world would be event half of what they paid.

Have faith in our County Commission - the Brown's are very good at schmoozing and convincing. I'll take wagers that the BCC, spearheaded by le Pew or one of the other URM will find a way to approve this crap, as they always do!

Someone called me over a month ago telling me there were signs near the Brown parcel advertising single family homes, and I told them that was impossible. I guess not, so maybe there was a behind the scenes lobbyist "straw poll" of the BCC? How knows!

On a side note, can we please get a real prosecutor in Miami Dade? One without a ton of excuses NOT to do something about public corruption!

Anonymous said...

For years I ignored the UDB thinking it was nothing more than a bunch of liberals trying to control development.

Well, guess what?

In a conversation two days ago with another "dump the UDB" we are both now "DO NOT MOVE THE UDB NUTS," and with good reason.

We have both watched the growing call to move the UDB and the usual show of ignorance at the County Commission. That is madness folks. If we think about it seriously, why would any intelligent person want to move the UDB to build more residential houses, especially when we have so many empty boarded-up-houses in our communiaties?

Why do we need to go all the way over to the brink of the Everglades to build residential houses?

Folks, the Environment does matter!!!! And right now it's existence is at the whims and greed of the county commissioners. There is no valid reason to attack the UDB with such vigor except to benefit someone and/or a particular industry.

That is the crux of the matter and that is where we need to concentrate our efforts in exposing the ignorance of those who are moving mountains to move the UDB for no other reason than greed.

A newcomer to "Don't Move the UDB," I have been trying to figure this out and it appears that speculators bought expensive land in the UDB for obvious purposes and now they are "stuck. These are probably people and developers who could care less about the environment and care more about money. All they want to do is make the money and run. And the County Commission, no matter what their political stance, want to get some of that money. Even those who have fought wars against developers have now joined the chorus to move the UDB.

We need to give serious concentration on how to stop them.

Anonymous said...

Great post Genius!!!!

This is important information that needs to get to the voters.

We have to show them the betrayal to the voters of County commissioners of promises they signed onto. This is a major breach of tgrust and it must be exposed!!!! Remember the half-penny transportatin tax?

What an unadulterated scam!!!!

The voters need to see the "Covenant" up close to understand how crooked these people are. They cannot be allowed to sign a 30-year covenant and then ignore it at their whim to achieve their own corrupt purposes. If we canont depend on our electaed officials to honor their word then how do we expect anything they do to matter?

This is information we need to vigorously expose, their cold-hearted betrayal, from the highest mountains, in every quarter, to show the callously dishonesty in the betrayal of the County Commissiners toward the voters.

Let's get busy!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Brown's gave heavily to most of the commissioners. Do the commissioners still owe them or was moving the UDB enough?

Anonymous said...

Anon two above: you have to wait until the Commission meets and votes on the issue before villifying them for betraying the voters.

The issue comes to them on May 16th. Show up. Be heard.