Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Candidates Campaign Reports. By Geniusofdespair

In the Miami Dade County's Mayoral race Joe Martinez has raised $111,774.50 and Carlos Gimenez has raised $694,955. Bruno Barreiro is at $108,025. That isn't very good for a sitting Commissioner with 3 challengers. Juan Zapata, in District 11, is up to $92,597.52.  Joe Martinez has a lot of the production home builders like Shoma and Century giving multiple contributions from different corporations.

An interesting race looks like the County Court Judge in Group 33. John M. Rodriguez is challenging the incumbent Teretha Lundy Thomas. Rodriquez has $135,455 and Thomas has $56,616.35. Usually the incumbent has more money but in this case Rodriguez lent his campaign $100,000. Also targeted with challengers in the Judges races are Fleur Jeannine Lobree (Group 20) and Charlie Johnson (Group 39). Most of the other Judges have not drawn challengers. Judges that have non-Hispanic names are challenged by candidates with Hispanic names. It seems to work in their favor most of the time, unless they are complete idiots.  We lost a lot of very good judges because they had non-Hispanic names.  Judges now put a lot of money in their campaign account to scare off challengers. For instance Andrew Stuart Hague lent his campaign $200,000. It isn't fair but it is the reality of  ethnic politics.

In State Senate District 34, boundaries not set yet,, Alex Diaz de la Portilla is reporting no funds. Gwen Margolis is reporting about $200,000 of which $160,000 are loans to her campaign.

In the Erik Fresen race, he has $107,550.  Eduardo Gonzalez has raised $113,871 (he brought over $99,353 as a redesignation). Eduardo is from Hialeah and Pepe Riesco is his treasurer.  I am not so sure they are running against each other as I can't make heads or tails yet of the districts in the State races.  But if they are, this indeed will be a good one to watch.  The third Republican, Amory Bodin, has raised $2,658. The Dem...well he had better make some calls for dough.

My Mac is out of commission and I am on a Dell that I can't stand, so I can't really analyze these reports. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Gonzalez and Fresen are not running against each other. Fresen has not changed his district filing yet.

Geniusofdespair said...

That will be news to Bodin and Hancock who think they are running against Fresen. Will they all please sign up for the right district already!!

Ross Hancock said...

I'm not changing district numbers until Fresen does. Otherwise, it'll look like I'm running against Ana Rivas Logan.

What a mess. This probably won't be fixed until June. Can't tell the players without a program.

Fresen is getting Koch brothers money, to help ensure that Fla kills solar projects so the icecaps melt.

Send me $20 and I'll send you a sand bag. $30 for ark plans. You're gonna need it. GoD knows I need the cash.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, again...Logan will be running in 116, she hasn't changed either.