Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lynda Bell is Busy Making Enemies. By Geniusofdespair

Wow, County Commissioner Lynda Bell is not making any friends on the County Commission. Listen to this speech she made March 13th at a Committee meeting. Members of the Internal Mgmt. & Fiscal Responsibility Committee are Jose "Pepe" Diaz; Audrey Edmonson; Barbara Jordan; Xavier Suarez; Esteban Bovo; Lynda Bell. The

Subject of this Ordinance:
Lynda wanted a 4 year ban on lobbying of the County, by County Commissioners after they leave office, instead of 2 years (what it is now).

In their comments Edmonson, Jordan and Diaz were not pleased she brought it up to begin with and voted against it. Yes it is a good idea -- anything that limits Commissioners from doing ANYTHING is a good idea -- but her cutting, insulting, "holier than thou" speech is not going to endear this Church Lady with the rest of the County Commission.

To add insult to injury today she has an Op Ed about this same subject -- as if she didn't drill it home to the Commissioners enough at this hearing. I am a pretty good judge of what is insulting and her response to her fellow commissioners is. It is actually pretty funny when you consider who she is lecturing. Don't expect Lynda Bell to be Commission Chair anytime soon, this is self-destruction at its best, insinuating her fellow Commissioners who opposed her in their comments are unethical.

Here is the link to the video.
The thing is, this is pretty much a moot subject. I can't think of anyone who was elected to the Commission who is now lobbying the County, mainly because most leave in disgrace, after agonizingly long terms. The real problem is with former staff lobbying the County. This doesn't cover that.


Anonymous said...

Linda is ringing her Bell now, selling out the environment and cashing in. She doesn't a 'After Life' from the commission.

Geniusofdespair said...

Now the cold shoulder Lynda Bell got from Diaz, Jordan and Edmonson makes sense, that I saw at the March 14th meeting in the Pool licensing discussion.

These 3 dissed her back the next day with their vote against her issue. Expect to see more of that.

Anonymous said...

Linda seems to have lost any chance of introducing any new legislation that will be passed. She told the unreformable majority, in a rather holier than thou tongue lashing, things that are accurate, but not what they wanted to hear.
When the current mayor was a commissioner, he often questioned why commissioners voted the way they did, resulting in some of his legislation being voted down.

Anonymous said...

The woman made her case. It may take time, but my guess is she will prevail.

I do not necessarily agree with the four-year ban. Anyone who bothered to serve as a commissioner for eight years will likely have a continuing interest in policy decisions being made by future commissioners. Why should a former commissioner be restrained from petitioning county government for four years?

In some ways, stopping "the revolving door" may be encroaching on a former commissioner's First Amendment rights.

Bell may be off track, but I admire her direct approach.

Anonymous said...

Pepe must have been fuming. She gives a speech like that and then expects them to vote with her? Crazy? Yes. Trying to avoid recall? Yes.

Vivian said...

Latch on to an issue that is meaningless and then take a hard line.
What is this really about Bell?

Are you comparing our commissioners to Jack Abramoff?

Anonymous said...

Miss Lynda's narcissistic schtick at it's finest.
She's done.

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hannah said...

You removed my comment? LOL! Of course you would! Because I was right on target.

Geniusofdespair said...

Hannah you didn't watch the video. This isn't about lobbyists it is about the county commission. And I said it was a good thing although it is totally unnecessary as we haven't had one case of a commissioner coming back to lobby the commission. This is feel good legislation. It is not about does not address that.

It is about county commissioners coming back to lobby the county after they leave office. I removed you because you attacked the blogger.

Anonymous said...

Bell's condescending attitude is stunning.

By mentioning Ambramoff, perhaps we should take her up on her offer to "peek into my (pea) brain".

Maybe she's preparing herself for the inevitable.

One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Hannah's got a lot of anger, sorta like her lord and savior Bell.

Geniusofdespair said...

And Hannah...I was not critical of Lynda Bell here. I was pointing out that this was not respectful of her fellow commissioners and that they would punish her. You will see her jump down Pepe Diaz's throat at 3:37 on the counter. I thought the whole thing was funny...and I said that.

Write your comment again after actually watching the video and don't attack me for what I didn't do. I was commenting on what I saw.

Anonymous said...

This rambling and rather mindless tirade rivals any of those she delivered in Homestad City Hall back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Throughtout her political life, Bell has thrived on pissing people off.
She is polarizing, epic fail for a politician.
Seems the power has finally and irrevocably gone to her head.

Anonymous said...

Why did she send the application to move the UDB line with little to say. I would have liked a speech like this at that hearing and a vote from her against the application. No chance of that.

Anonymous said...

Could all be staged.

Anonymous said...

Staged? For what purpose? No one looks good here. Bell comes off as arrogant.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you think Bell was being too disrespectful. Those losers deserve little if any respect when it comes to lobbying. If I was a commissioner, I would be ripping my corrupt colleagues new a-holes over lobbyists and a dozen other issues. Didn't Jordan's lobbyist sister go to jail for fraud? I would have brought that up in my first sentence.

Javier said...

It is one thing for us to think they are crooks, it is quite another to say it to their faces by one of their own.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent by most of the comments on here that no matter what she does or tries to do, whether it is right or wrong, Lynda will never make any friends here.

Nobody ever notes who voted against her - the 3 entrenched Commissioners who have been there forever. Who voted with her? ALL the new Commissioners. That alone speaks volumes!

But nobody makes note of that.

A very wise man said once - "I'm proud of the enemies I've made."

Haters WILL Hate. Good luck with that!

VV said...

Your off base 'Haters will hate' because you don't get the point. This is not about reform of lobbyists. You can't reform something that isn't going on. This is a power play by Bell. She flexed her muscles, good for her, but what will be bad for her is future votes on her issues. This is not about who is right or wrong with their votes, that is irrelevant.

I like seeing Pepe get some disrespect, who doesn't? But when you mess with these guys, they will gang up.

Anonymous said...

Haters: VV is right. No one cares whether the commish's can't lobby for 2 or 4 years. What the heck is the difference, no one like them anyway. If we don't care about the issue why should we care about the vote?

Anonymous said...

Let's face the facts if the current group of County Commissioners ran for office dependent upon a county-wide vote, I daresay not one would be elected. Ultimately that is disrespect.
Taking sides with the likes of Diaz, Jordan and Edmondson against Bell reminds me of the same disrespect they all showed to Sorenson. Sorenson was also unable to pass much if any legislation because she rubbed the UM the wrong way. Let's not lose sight of reality here. You go with the flow or else the BCC treats you as if you were invisible.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone find fault with Linda Bell on this issue? This is terrific and I encourage her to stay with it. Who gives a damn if Pepe Diaz's feelings are hurt?

Anonymous said...

Above anon,

I couldn't say it better myself. the entrenched Commissioners are all like a mafia - better go along with us or else.

Whay to go Lynda!

Anonymous said...

We're not haters.

We simply peeked into Bell's brain and didn't like what we saw.

We saw Eddie.

Anonymous said...

Throughout the vid, I was waiting for Miss Lynda to say "but, I digress"...

Jack said...

when the biggest crooks on the commission are against you, you know you are on the right side. i encourage Bell to keep the pressure on against those corrupt idiots.

i remember when this blog supported lobbyist reform. my how times have changed.

Geniusofdespair said...

Jack if this were about lobbyists it might be a factor. It is not. Read the blog before you speak.

Lap Dog said...

If Linda is sooooooo opposed to Lobbyist and shenanigans at county hall why does she keep Jose Luis Castillo as her lap dog.

Genius is correct NOT ONE county commissioner has ever come back to lobby county hall, that problem lies with staff.

Pepe and Jordan et al may be ethically challenged but Lynda bell is no saint herself.

Anonymous said...

Katy might have disagreed but she never scoffed at the others on the dais.

Anonymous said...

And that's why Katy is no longer a County Commissioner.

She correctly acertained that she was no longer effective.

Why stay on when you'rre simply talking to the wind?

Anonymous said...

I caught the full video on the County website which is not published here.

Lynda is very open to the idea of limiting staff's ability to lobby. But as she pointed out, "we have to start with ourselves."

It was fun to watch Pepe get pissed and even sweat a little and watch Barbara Jordan suggest that if the Task Forcce didn't especifically suggest it, why do it?

What a short sighted person that woman is.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Lynda Bell, but I suggest the following when dealing with a politician to steer them to your way of thinking:

When the politician takes a position you like, commend them.

If the politician takes a position you don't like, criticize them.

If you took this advice, this would be an opportunity for you to commend Lynda Bell.

Geniusofdespair said...

You don't Commend someone who does phony feel good legislation. You Commend them for real reform. This does not apply here. Are you brain dead? How many ways do I have to say the same thing. You are being manipulated people.

Anonymous said...

Genius is right again. This is for the ballot, us! What they do is put a few feel-good charter changes with the one poison pill change, hoping it will pass with the meaningless ordinances. You are being had.

Anonymous said...

When she does something good, we need to let her know we are pleased. Bottom line.

Anonymous said...

She is so obnoxious the video is almost unwatchable.

Here is a person who touts Republican roots constantly but has no compunction about abridging the constitutional right to free speech and to petition the government for redress.

Forgetting that issue for a moment, can't every viewer see this as a transparent attempt to pander?

People in Homestead regularly remark about how peaceful the city has become since she left. The commissioners will despise her for her demeanor and be seeking their own peace very soon.

Anonymous said...

Genius, not one county commissioner has ever come back to lobby county hall? Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Alex Penelas,Betty Ferguson and I'm sure many more... I suggest you check the lobbyist registration list. But must importantly... VNS and Murphy will be back to lobby the county commission very soon...March 13 marked one year since the recall.

Anonymous said...

The other commissioners have tolerated Lynda Bell long enough. Now that they have confirmed her disposition and back stabbing. You have not seen anything yet. You commissioners better stay together because she is getting ready to divide and conquer. She thumps the bible while going after her friends and enemies. Pepe does her daughter not work in your police department and no one would hire her but you. Now this is the thanks you get. I also saw that Mrs. Bell wanted the Florida Power and LIght Co. To plant trees and flowers in the alley ways of power poles until Mrs. Sosa said that is not a good idea because of emergencies. Mrs. Jordan with the pool issue brought
up the issue of safety with hiring the right pool cleaner.
Lynda Bell is so out of her league.

Geniusofdespair said...

I stand corrected on Betty if she did lobby..have to check. This ordinance would not cover Murphy-- not for staff members. He was staff.

Miguel... He didn't even lobby for 4 or 5 years at least after he left. I will have to look all the dates up. I don't think you will see Natacha. Everyone tolerated her, no one liked her. Penelas was a Mayor, did this ordinance cover the mayor?

Still think it a non issue.

Anonymous said...

The commissioner once gone slither under a rock. There is so much back-biting they can't lobby effectively. Developers know it is better to hire a beloved former employee who sucked up to the the commissioners and did favors for them, like Swakon.

Anonymous said...

Staff won’t be able to lobby either Anon above. What’s your point?

Geniusofdespair said...

No this isn't applying to staff... It applies to commissioners.. Do ANY of you ever read my blogs that you are so quick to comment inaccurately on??

David said...

Miguel had one client within the 2 years and it was for 1 issue. The rest of his clients came after a 4 year window.

Betty was NEVER a registered Lobbyist.

I just looked them up for you.

Your reader was misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Lynda Bell is doing this to stop what? One crummy lobbyist. Why doesn't she stop any of the hundreds that are corrupting the system. Why does she have Jose Castillo lurking at her district office almost every day. Why does Lynda have his wife working for her if she hates lobbyists and wants reform...

2012 Annual Registration: Submitted on 2/1/2012
Principal / Subject Registration Date / Status

345 PROPERTY LLC 3/6/2012



Anonymous said...

Come on Lynda!!!! You are only doing this because you and Castillo have been trying to make nice with the other bandits on the commission and you can’t get them to say hello to you. Let’s face it, they just don’t like you!!! That’s why you can’t get legislation passed and now you never will.
How can you say you are ethical, when you have Castillo and his doting wife telling you and your staff what evil vile deeds to attempt on that dais? You are his Natasha since you have given yourself to him unconditionally. This is not the first time I have seen a consultant paid for his services, by the county, through his wife’s employment and now ethical you are doing the same.
It’s so like you to have your staff and your only friend writes into the blog in your defense. This stand you are taking is worthless; the inexperienced voters have already voted for the current law. I know you have no respect for our vote since you are so extremely above all of us.
Maybe you are trying to protect your beloved lobbyist Jose Luis Castillo from competition from others. I heard he registered as a lobbyist. This is only for your personal grandstanding since you are being ignored and you are always finding ways to get any kind of attention.

Francisco said...

Typical Lynda Bell, she screams most ethical while selling her soul to be in power. I heard she sold out Joanna Faddis even though she has known her for years and has called her a friend in public. From what people are talking about Bell has set women’s rights back 30 years. Ask Joanna she has not forgotten!!!!

Anonymous said...

Her facial expressions show she is in trouble.

We all saw those faces when she was on council in Homestead. Do not trust her!!!!

She is pretending to be the only ethical commissioner. She will destroy them all to keep her
seat safe. DO NOT TRUST HER!!!!

Bill from Homestead said...

It looks like in Bells’ book that when her consultant/lobbyist commits voter fraud on her behalf through absentee ballots that makes her ethical.

Her baggage shows Lynda Bell is anything but ethical.

Anonymous said...

This is not about ethics legislation. And it certainly is not about ethics. It is classic Lynda Bell.

What about the ethics of how you treat people? What about the ethics of degrading your colleagues because they did not vote with you?

Lynda Bell is only for Lynda Bell, what SHE wants. Lynda Bell has never taken anybody else’s thoughts or feelings into consideration about anything. Lynda Bell is always right and this time she has shown her true self. Just ask anybody in Homestead.

What she is now doing is what she has always done. Vindictive. That is her middle name. If she does not like what she THINKS you have done to her, because that is how she now thinks about the commissioners who voted against her, she will do anything to get back at them. So get ready. Lynda Bell is by no means done.
And she does not care what anybody says about her, because she is always right.

Friendships mean nothing to her. Loyalty means nothing to her. The only thing that means anything to her is HER!!!! What SHE wants. In the moment, the only person who seems to mean anything to her is Jose Luis Costillo, but that is another story.

The best thing anybody can do about Lynda Bell is to run as fast as you can away from her.