Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jonah Michael Wolfson Running for State Rep. in District 113. By Geniusofdespair

District 113

Jonah Michael Wolfson is running for the State Representative Seat  113 that encompasses much of Miami Beach and Little Havana.

Looks young doesn't he? I can never get my Wolfson's straight. I just assumed they were all into either affordable housing or collecting stuff. Not this guy he is an attorney in NOT a lobbyist law firm. I didn't know there was one. Jonah is a Miami Beach Commissioner since 2007.

Miami Beach has some tough lobbyist laws that I like and I am wondering if he voted for any of them. Miami Beach also posts lobbyist fees -- that I really like.

More to come after I talk to Wolfson.


Anonymous said...

He is bi-lingual.

Would be an asset in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

We need someone to translate there, but I dont think it is Spanish ---I think they are speaking in tongues there.

Sparrow said...

I read a bio on him that says he spent roughly five months hiking the Appalachian Trail. I already like this guy!!!

Anonymous said...

Jonah is a great person, an ethical family man. Too bad I don't live in 113 or he could count on my support.

Anonymous said...

Jonahhh will be counting on his towing company friends for donations to his PAC.This guy is a shrewd politico! Uses his name to make others think he is jewish. Check into this guy. You will find alot of interesting information