Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shrink Wrap Saga and the Falure of Privitazing State Prisons. By Geniusofdespair

Better Use for Shrink Wrap
I wrote about the luggage wrapping issue December 18th  saying it was a symptom of what is wrong with contract awards, and it was back in today's paper. The company that won the bid wanted a reduction in payment. In return for the reduction, the County Commission will rebid the contract in one year. The other company, Secure Wrap, did reach out to me January 10th to chat and I appreciated that. But, I am just over-whelmed with issues. I told the Chairman:
...frankly I am not very interested in the issue. I am more interested in how the county commission votes on contracts and the lobbyists role in the votes. I have so many topics to is hard to focus on one the public cares very little about.
He said in return:
Fair enough, just wanted to let you know that what's said about us is mostly hot air.  The public does care if they are told the facts, but I run my business & you run yours; that's respect & democracy at its best.
I haven't taken him up on his offer, but I will have to before the year is up to see if I can figure out exactly what is going on in baggage wrap land.  But some of my most hated lobbyists have lobbied for the two companies. In fact, one lobbyist, Miguel DeGrandy was found lobbying for both on the same contract:
De Grandy, in particular, was cited for a conflict of interest: As a private lawyer, De Grandy had represented a baggage wrapping company, and then their competitor, for the same contract with Miami International Airport.

Now, on that attempt to privatize prisons, be sure to read Senator Paula Dockery's retelling of the dirt going on behind the vote. After you finish, you tell me your opinion if ANYONE in the Senate follows the Sunshine Law. And, there was another reason given to like Senator Mike Fasano - for standing firm:
For questioning the so-called financial analysis, Senate leaders stripped Sen. Mike Fasano of his chairmanship on the Criminal Justice Appropriations Committee and his seat on the Budget Committee.


Anonymous said...

Fasano is great. Did you see the picture in the Herald? That is Alex Diaz de la Portillia standing behind him.

Anonymous said...

Fasano should have been stripped of his chairmanship. He chose to sell out to the greedy unions and their overpaid members rather than look out for the best interests of the taxpayers.

Geniusofdespair said...

Unions are not greedy. I don't drink that kookaide. You are bashing the middle class..good for Fasano. I bash unions on one thing, supporting bad candidates. Most union workers are paid just a living wage, don't trash them.

Anonymous said...

But most union leadership is corrupt - and GREEDY.

Anonymous said...

The Sunshine law does not apply to state elected officials - only local governments. When asked why it doesn't apply to them, the near universal response is that they'd never get anything done.

All the more reason, I'd say.