Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't be Stupid Readers: Vote Yes on Term Limits. By Geniusofdespair

Life isn't perfect. You ain't getting the best candidate for President and you ain't getting the perfect charter change. Get real.

Norman Braman had a couple of million dollars to spare to get rid of Alvarez. Countywide petition drives cost a fortune and he has one. If he is not going to finance a charter change -- this 8 year term for County Commissioners, on the ballot for January 31st, is the best deal we are EVER going to get from the Commissioners. Remember, Braman can still pay for a petition drive AFTER this Charter Change has been enacted. So we don't lose.

The salary increase is a small price to pay to ensure we will get some of these f--kers out of office once and for all. And, who knows, it might actually attract better candidates. Just hold your nose and vote for it. If you want perfect be a martyr and kill yourself for those virgins up there waiting for you. See my other post on the Charter Change.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100% that this should pass.

Anonymous said...

We should continue to count our blessings for the financial gift and praise Mr. Braman.


Anonymous said...

As I said in the other post, I will vote NO. I don't "hold my nose" when I don't have to do it.

--Stupid, but fiathful Reader

milly, hialeah said...

I am voting No. It is not only about the term limits, but about all the other items they lumped together.

This is not what we want. The task force lost it's way...