Sunday, December 11, 2011

Casinos Downtown: Bad Deal and Wrong Place. By Geniusofdespair

The Genting Casino in New York is NOT in Manhattan. It is in one of the most depressed areas of Queens, an area called South Ozone Park where they shutter stores from robberies. You wouldn't go there for anything except horse racing or casinos. We on the other hand, would have the Genting Casino complex in the Lincoln Center of Miami. Wrong location. Put the Casino in Sunny Isles Beach, known for bad planning. They probably would welcome it. Let Golden Beach start mobilizing.

Also, I hate the 3 casino idea because it is such a colossal bad deal for us. New York got a 66% tax from Genting. I also read they got an upfront licensing fee of $380 Million. What are we getting? A bad deal and all the money goes to Tallahassee. Stupid us. Didn't we learn anything from the Marlins baseball stadium fiasco, the crappy deal that keeps on costing?

UEL Event: Too dark for photos.
Only have photo of lobby.

I went to the Urban Environment League forum on gambling Saturday with about 125 other people, including Terry Murphy, Natacha Seijas' former chief of staff. He is vehemently opposed to casinos. Maybe Terry had an epiphany without that whale of an albatross Seijas. Imagine, Katy Sorenson and Terry Murphy in the same room agreeing on something? I saw it. For more read the Herald article:
At the Light Box forum, University of Miami history professor Gregory Bush slammed the notion that Resorts World could reposition Miami in a favorable way. He criticized Genting Chairman KT Lim for a comment from the company’s September unveiling of its resorts plans, when Lim said: “I strongly believe this can be the agent of transformation that can turn Miami into a real city.”
“It’s rather insulting for him to seek to remake us in his corporate image,’’ Bush said.


Anonymous said...

Yup -- wrong place, wrong scale -- a really bad idea. I don't think people get just how massive the plan is - it will dwarf its surroungings, gobble up the arsht and the parks -- like some kind of monster from a 1950s movie -- it even looks like a nuclear jelly-fish! thanks for covering this and getting the word out!

Anonymous said...

Seijas = whale. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Or look at how destination gambling transformed Atlantic City into "a real city". Send Erik Fresen packing along with Genting NOW!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Katy Sorenson's statistics in the Miami Herald on gamblings ills:

Here are Nevada statistics from the Congressional District Ranking Book:
2009 — Violent Crime Rate: No. 1
2009 — Robbery Rate: No. 1
2009 — Motor Vehicle Theft Rate: No. 1
2009 — Rate of Consumer Fraud Complaints: No. 1
2008 — Per Capita State/Local Police Protection: No. 2
2010 — Personal Bankruptcy Rate: No. 1
2009 — Business Bankruptcy Rate: No. 2
2011 — Unemployment Rate: No. 1
2009 — Divorce Rate: No. 1

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Terry Murphy is either delusional and thinks he's still in government, was sent there by VNS, or has his own agenda in regards to casinos. Don't let him fool you, he knows how to work situations. Don't trust him at all!

Anonymous said...

Where is the leadership from our County Mayor Gimenez? Why isn't he leading the fight against this?

Anonymous said...

Same question: where is Mayor Gimenez? We need him to stand up against gambling in Miami-Dade County!

Flo said...

Gimenez is hiding because he supports the gambling casinos.