Monday, November 28, 2011

Boletera Gals: Sasha Tirador, Zaida Nunez and Emelina Llanes. By Geniusofdespair

How does one look at a Boletera (an Absentee Ballot Broker)? The candidates that hire them, well they see them as angels. Do they help the community they serve or do they use any means available to help the candidates they serve? They are collecting ballots for money but are they offering money, pastries or other favors for the ballots they collect? Are they altering the ballots they collect? Do they fill out the ballots for the seniors they cultivate? This cottage industry, collecting absentee ballots, is not a wholesome road to fair elections in my opinion. And, as you can see in the Miami Herald today, on Sasha Tirador, the absentee ballot brokers are just getting more and more powerful.

See Luther Campbell's absentee ballot article in Miami New Times.


Anonymous said...

Emilina is a little fish not on the same level of Sasha or Zaida.

Anonymous said...

The use of paid political operatives to be involved in absentee ballots smells of manipulation with the voting rights of the public. This industry corrupts the system and needs to be stopped. Several other states have the League of Women's Voters, or election department staff go to retirement, nursing, and rehab centers to assist without political affiliations or objectives.

Anonymous said...

why don't you publicize their addresses and phone numbers so that some citizens can start their own form of investigation into the safety of every vote! If more citizens were vigilant about educating their neighbors, especially those living in public housing, these folks would be unimportant. Vote brokers prey on the least able to defend themselves: poor, senior citizens, mostly minority voters.
They deserve to be protected from those who would steal their votes.

milly herrera, hialeah said...

It is sad to see these Cuban-American women kiss the butts of the politicians and sell their souls for money. What is the difference between this and prostitution? They are really both the same in different ways, both a way of selling your dignity.

I think we need to remember what we lost 50 years ago because, as the saying goes, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it."

I hope we wake up and

Anonymous said...

Call to action to new supervisor of elections. Send your people to the street to interview a sampling of AB voters in Hialeah. See next blog. Love Lady O's idea. However, go get that info. We need to clean the streets up.

Anonymous said...

Is Zaida Nunez Related to Jeanette Nunez? Is she a boletera?