Saturday, June 25, 2011

What future for Miami-Dade? by gimleteye

Yesterday, WLRN hosted commentators talking about the future of the Miami-Dade economy. One made the point that unemployment is higher in South Florida because we have no economy other than suburban sprawl and tourism. The same point was made has been made as long as I've lived in Miami-- for nearly 20 years-- that we need to diversify our economy. The point was made about the lack of political leadership capable to the challenge.

My response ties into the guest comment, below, on the effort to expand rock mines in West Dade; eating the Everglades to provide cement for China. I flew into MIA over the Everglades the other day and I'm always drawn to the landscape at the edge: the rock mines, the water wellfield, the canals separating sprawl -- the true constituency of political leadership in Miami-Dade-- and the Everglades. And I always wonder, even flying down the coast before the final turn to the runway: what job creator is going to embrace this landscape? Florida politicians gave everything to the builders, the developers and their lobbyists. We sacrificed quality of life and the environmental attributes that actually drew millions of Floridians and visitors here, in the first place. Can we turn South Florida around?


Geniusofdespair said...

Answer to last question: no. The mindset doesn't exist. Next time you are in the air over the rockmines take some pictures for me.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the Beacon Council's recent data on the largest (non farm payroll) employer's in Florida. The reality is - other than Mas Tec, construction was not it the top twenty!

The top three were some form of Government - including County, State or Federal. If those were removed, then I believe Publix and healthcare were in the top five. I cannot remember where tourism was or their related partners, but it was also up there.

The old "construction" argument is such a fallacy and has been for decades.

Miami Dade County has the largest Agriculture area in Florida, and the last County here to still be above critical mass (over 53,000 acres or something like that).

Ag is actually the 2nd or 3rd largest economic engine in Florida, taking in the number of employees and the revenue it generates.

Whenever I hear about construction jobs versus paving over ag land, I just have to wonder if anyone with any position who votes on these issues actually reads readily available information!

Now wonder why the people in Redland and probably West Kendall are just furious at certain people. They know the actual value versus junk lobbyist arguments!

Anonymous said...

Reason # ________ (lost count) not to vote for Robaina..........

He claims the reason Hialeah's unemployment rate is 4 points higher than Miami Dade County are unemployed construction workers? Really?

Has he provided one ounce of proof of that statement? I can guarantee he's dead wrong on that. But, he'll use that one issue as a reason to pave all the way to the Everglades, on taxpayer funded projects (and he claims to be a Republican who likes less government - I guess less in regulation, but use more of OUR taxpayer money). I'd say talk about an oxymoron, but he truly is an incredibly out of touch with real people and people living reality MORON.

Anonymous said...

And the construction beat goes on - with taxpayer subsidies. The Port of Miami, which is in serious debt already, continues the growth machine that serves no purpose - and will have environmental consequences. Deep dredge to lure post-Panamax ships is another boondoggle.That's why the feds didn't fund it. The Port is already under capacity when it comes to cargo. See a recent St. Pete Times story on Scott and his (ill-fated) love affair with expanding Florida ports.