Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smear Campaign Against Carlos Gimenez. By Geniusofdespair

It isn't just the PBA giving to Keith Donner's Accountability Project that has been running a smear campaign, by inaccurate attack fliers and TV commercials, against Carlos Gimenez. This PAC - Citizens to Reclaim Miami Dade Government - also gave $25,000 on 6/02/20ll to the Accountability Project. These are the 'big' givers to this PAC:

40,000.00 LEON KENDALL HOLDINGS, LLC (Benjamin Leon - Owns/Manages Land and office Park at Kendall Dr. and SW 125 Avenue).
25,000.00 BRUNETTI JOHN J.
15,000.00 JOHN J. BRUNETTI, JR
5,000.00 ADLER GROUP, INC.

Citizens to Reclaim Miami Dade Government made an expenditure on 3/31/2011 to Citizen's First PAC. That PAC in Jupiter- Citizens First - made an expenditure for almost the same amount on 3/29/2011 to Creative Ideas Advertising, Inc., Maritiza Gutierrez's company here on 8th Street. Why are these out of town PAC's so invested in our local election, and these two are obviously on the side Of Julio Robaina, as the Gutierrez couple is involved in Robaina's campaign and Brunetti is one of his biggest supporters.


Anonymous said...

Quid pro quo county

Anonymous said...

Julio Robaina is the best mayor money can buy.

Anonymous said...

"Julio Robaina is the best mayor money can buy."

And, Robaina can also buy your support/endorsement!

There's so much negative crap I can write, but I'll refrain. If voter's don't pay attention, the MD residents will be paying for 18 mths of hardcore higher unemployment, unfunded construction jobs and unless Robaina plans on cutting more than $400 million from the budget, little or no services! (just look at this blog for his "record" in Hialeah - scary and unimpressive.

Please vote and please vote for smart and responsible - Gimenez!

Lawrence said...

huh? the only PBA money i see for the accountability project is from coral gables PBA. it was reported by news media (real journalists, not bloggers) that this money was for the recent gables election.

the dade PBA has its own committees. they usually do their own ads. they usually don't give to other committees.

Responder said...

How about the smear campaign against Robaina by your blog, other blogs, The Miami Herald, De Fede, et all. You post pictures of Hialeah that I could take of any city in Miami Dade County and parade it in front of your readers as snapshot of the city. I held your blog in much higher regard. Sad to see how fast and far this blog has gone negative in the past few months. It's one of the reasons I started my own blog. I hope you approve this comment but if you don't atleast I hope you read it.


Anonymous said...

Imagine what would happen if the mayor of Miami Gardens ran for county mayor, and Gimenez ran the same sort of racially charged campaign. We would have a national boycott by blacks. The Herald would be forced to back off, too, in their zeal for their guy Gimenez.

The funniest thing is that Gimenez is a product of the City of Miami. The politics in that city is 20X worse than Hialeah. The city is run 20X worse than Hialeah. The city if 20x more corrupt than Hialeah.

Just ask anyone who has done business in both, like me. I've got to hire a host of lobbyists, lawyers and make all sorts of "charitable" contributions to do something in Miami.

In hialeah, it takes only couple visits to city hall, we go back and forth on some issues, and it's done.

Geniusofdespair said...

Dear Reaponder:

I am glad you started your own blog. I give that advice over and over to unhappy readers. A blog is editorial by nature. Our opinions. I have been to Hialeah many times. It I a not a place where you can easily find good photos. That being said I wish you well and look forward to seeing a selection of beautiful pictures of Hialeah on your blog. It ain't easy blogging especially if you are not a writer- which I am not. Do it for awhile and wait till people blast you, it gets old.

Responder said...

Thanks for the encouragement G.o.D. but with my political inclinations I am already receiving constant insults. I need to get out some frustration before I start writing positive pieces (ex. nice photos of Hialeah). I do not intend on hurling personal insults to non-paid/non-hack writers such as yourself. We may disagree but you have not consistently resigned yourself to baseless personal insults like Jimmy (Seinfeld reference with people talking in the third person).

Geniusofdespair said...

Jimmy yes, that was perfect... Made me laugh. Thanks for not hurling at me. I appreciate it.