Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Election Day: Will be reporting from the road. By Geniusofdespair

I did this picture in conjunction with a blog about the transit tax that turned into a boondoggle for taxpayers with "$900 million collected for new projects spent on bloated staff, outsized salaries and maintenance of existing operations." according to the Miami Herald. Carlos Gimenez sponsored legislation to end the black-hole where our tax dollars were going. Today he needs your vote for fiscal responsibility to thrive in this County!

I will be reporting from various locations today. I can only post photos when I get home.

8:00 am Surfside Town Hall - quiet, no campaign signs.

9:55 Library on Collins and 75 Street in North Beach - one lady with Robaina signs, no voters.

10:30 Eden Isles in North Miami - 12 people had voted.
10:40 Fire-station 5 Hialeah - Slow. Robaina just voted.
12:00 Carlos and Lourdes Gimenez vote in Coral Gables. Also, pictured with some young voters.
1:00 Aventura City Hall - Couple of people but the guards report it is slow.
2:00 St. Richards, Palmetto Bay - 150 people have voted.

I am at Jose Marti park can't find the polling place. Actually it was in the gym not the park. They said about 100 people had voted. It seems a waste of money to have 5 poll workers and a guard for a couple of hundred votes. One Robaina campaign worker is here.

2:45 North Miami - 54 people have voted at Highland Village.
3:00 I am now at Brickell UTD Center. Much more vibrant. A lot of Gimenez supporters one Robaina. They said about 150 voted here today. Even ran into an EoM reader - Jeff - with a Robaina shirt on. Go figure.

About 3:00, 200 people voted in Country Walk.

4:00 North Miami Gwen Margolis center, again light voting.

Absentee ballots and early voting have made election day a snooze. I hate it.


Anonymous said...

Where is his squire Al Lorenzo?

nevernot said...

I went by the Gables precinct on Alhambra this morning and found a Robaina sign directly across the street from the doors of the precinct, probably within the restricted area. It was damn close....

Anonymous said...

Glenna Milberg, from Channel 10, just reported there's practically no people voting around the precincts she's visited. Either people are totally uninspired or they are not bothering to vote for a 16-month candidate. This is so Miami!

Anonymous said...

They already voted absentee..twice in some neighborhoods.

Maria said...

You really think this is about a "16-month" mayor? From prior experience (Penelas/Alvarez), we should expect the new mayor will have a much easier time winning in the next election. The power of incumbency (and the money that comes with it) will make the new mayor almost impossible to stop.

I voted today for Gimenez.

jkregg@att.net said...

I was the only one there to vote at Silver Bluff around noon.

Anonymous said...

I voted about 11AM today for Gimenez at Precinct 606 in South Miami. I was the only person voting and 606 is a large precinct and is in Gimenez's former BCC district. This doesn't look good.

Anonymous said...

My sister and I voted at the Fruit and Spice Park at about 9am and the pollworkers were excited to see us.
Only two others came in while we were there .
Gray and rainy isn't going to help much.

Anonymous said...

I think Sasha has this election in the bag. GoD, you certainly tried to bring light to the corruption associated with absentee ballots. Maybe we need to bring in Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton to oversee the next election - since the Legislature and our State Attorney's Office couldn't care less.

P. Nis said...

Sao will look the other way as long as Armando Guitierez is on Robainas payroll. We need to get rid of RUNDLE!

Anonymous said...

Slow is bad; the AB's carry the day for Rob-aina.

Anonymous said...

Absentee ballot count:
Robaina 50.44%, Gimenez 49.56%,

Great news for Gimenez!

Anonymous said...

Gimenez up by over 4000 votes after ABs and Early Voting Counted.

This thing is over.


Anonymous said...

Maybe limiting early voting to one week was actually a good idea to save money on the elections.
I don't know of anyone who said they wanted to vote and couldn't because polls were too crowded or they only had one week (not two) to early vote,