Saturday, June 04, 2011

Controversy and lawsuits dog barely legal Gov. Rick Scott ... by gimleteye

Former Democratic minority leader Dan Gelber recently wrote, he never thought he'd wish Jeb! Bush was in the governor's office. What Gelber meant; at least Jeb! was someone who didn't completely ignore the minority party. I wouldn't go as far as Gelber; the former governor and key loyalists occupy the vacuum created by a governor who is off the rails and commands virtually no loyalty. Still, the radical right loves the wrecking ball that Gov. Scott represents. It's like Reverend Jim Jones and the poisoned cool-aide in Tallahassee, except that people get poisoned from what they are drinking. Gov. Scott has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the United States. Voters' remorse, to put it mildly. The barely legal governor held a budget signing ceremony that barred attendees with "liberal looking pins and buttons". Jeb! would have done it, if he thought he could get away with it. The latest lawsuits against Scott allege voter suppression in Florida: kick them out of public events, and kick them out of the polls. The worst drought in Florida history may be what God has in mind for those leaders who pray on Sundays and wreck the state, the rest of the days of the week.
Dear Governor Scott:
  • Was the event public or private and how was it promoted?
  • Who had the authority to direct security and crowd control for the event and who made the decision to remove attendees?
  • Which state employees were in attendance and were they reimbursed for travel?
  • Were Sumter County Sheriff’s deputies contracted and by whom?
  • Were participants removed at the request of the Governor’s Office? If so, why?
Thank you in advance for responding to these questions and providing any other information you or your staff feel is important to better understanding what exactly happened at the budget signing ceremony. #


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Governor Scott is a reaction to Obama & his policies in Washington. This is what started the Tea Party. When people start to "fundamentally transform the country" ( or at least talk that way), you will get a reaction. Rick Scott is a product of this reaction.

The irony is that the national election is going to go the same way next year. Think Herman Cain or Sarah Palin.

You say impossible! Everybody at this time in the last election cycle said the same about Obama. A less than one-term Senator, no governing experience & the only items on his resume were "Community Organizer" & State Senator which he won by forcing the other guy out of the race.

But in the end the indpendents said about Obama "great biography", he is a good speaker ( off a telepromter) & we have a chance to elect the first black President!!! Besides Bush sucks, he is getting us into wars (which at least Congress approved with the consent of both H. Clinton & J. Kerry) & most importantly the economy SUCKED!!

Fast forward today, Herman Cain is black, little government experience, but he ran Pizza stores, he is a good speaker (not sure off telepromter either) & we can really show the world America is not racist & vote for another black guy. (back to back black presidents to atone for our "orginal sin" of slavery! That should do it).

How about Sarah Palin? We now have the opportunity to vote for the first woman President. She has executive experience in government & motivates crowds with her snarky comments against the elite in Washington. In this environment she Is more formable than you think. (just ask what liberal columnist Andrew Sullivan thinks about her chances).

Laugh hard right now. This is what conservatives did whenever Obama's candidacy was mentioned, not to mention the previously pre-ordained Hillary R Clinton.

The one thing that is going to get anyone who grabs the Republican nomination elected POTUS is once again, you guessed it, the ECONOMY!!!! But this time we are experiencing a February 2011 budget deficit as high as an annual Bush 2007 budget deficit. This is really driving a lot of the angst in the country. Yes, the economy may recover & we might give Obama the benefit & give him a second term for his efforts,, but what about our long term future? He has demonstrated little interest in fixing this problem. (this is evidenced by his budget being shot down by the entire Democratic run Senate this week. Every voting member both Democrat & Republican! (BTW raising taxes on top income earners is not a solution it moves federal income tax receipts from about 18% of GDP to about 18.4% by 2020. It falls way short of our issues).

In my estimation, your worse nightmare is just beginning. As James Carville said, "it is the Economy stupid". 17 months out with this week's economic data, say hello to President Palin!!!!

youbetcha' said...
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youbetcha' said...

I think Palin is a winner. But, she strikes me as a nasty lady that I would not trust any further that I could see her.

I also believe that she would be like Governor Scott and that should be enough to make any Floridian run screaming from her. There is no doubt that she would finish what Scott has started in Florida.

She is great at reading the audience and that is what makes her better than Obama. She mirrors well and knows how to use her "cuteness" to her benefit.

Women like her because she is outspoken and saucy. Men like her because she can be sexy and one-of -the-guys at the same time.

However, can u imagine 8 years of her whiny voice? How about a Sara/Michelle ticket? Now, there's a thought.

David said...

I am a Republican and the chance that any thoughtful, reasonably intelligent person would even consider voting for Sarah Palin makes me blanch. If she is an example of a viable Republican presidential candidate, we are f****d.

If the same person came packaged as a Helen Thomas look-a-like, she would have been dismissed as irrelevant from the political scene immediately after the 2008 presidential election. Just sayin!

That being said, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Mr. Obam is exactly what I have said he is; a parvenue, a pecksniffian arriviste who looks and sounds like a reasonable facsimile of a president of the United States, but in reality continues to demonstrate his experiential, strategic, and tactical inability to perform successfully in the job he was elected to do.

To reelect this man who appears to be well-intentioned but not yet ready to play above the rim would be just as frightening a result as electing Sarah Palin.

We need a serious, competent, patriotic American to take the reigns in Washington in January of 2013. We need someone whose popularity and clout can pummel and shame an ineffective Congress into doing the job they are elected for by use of the bully pulpit.

It doesn't matter if they are Democrat or Republican. They just need to be a competent patriotic American.

Anonymous said...

Palin, the woman who proclaimed that Paul Revere was warning the British? How would that go, exactly --

one, if by land - two, if by sea - that's the code I am usin with the guys, so don't even think about messin' with us Patriots. Come fight us in Concord, New Hampshire, why don't ya.