Saturday, June 18, 2011

CBS TV Reporter Jim DeFede Looks at Julio Robaina's Record. By Geniusofdespair

Jim DeFede decided to check Mayoral Candidate Julio Robaina's rhetoric while campaigning against the facts. They didn't match up. DeFede reported Julio touts his successful record in the city of Hialeah but others beg to differ:

“...he’s destroyed the city,” said Barbara Hernandez, president of union representing a majority of Hialeah’s 1,600 employees. “I believe he acted out of malice toward the residents and its employees.”


Anonymous said...

I don't like these Unions because of their Political PAC's - the PBA being the most egregious!

But, Hialeah has been run to the ground by Robaina. Gimenez ran the largest City in the County, Miami, like a clock, the 2nd largest city, Hialeah, used to be a nice place to live, now it's just a concrete jungle.

Hialeah is a cesspool of corruption on the political side. I'm sure the long time residents there are in a much better position to explain the before they elected Martinez/Robaina and the negative impacts both have had over the past decade of two.

The only people I know, and not personally, supporting Robaina are those who are being paid, developers, special interest and so on.

I'd urge the State Attorney to assist the election department in regard to the AB signatures, but that would require them to get involved, which they won't!

Milly Herrera, hialeah said...

Jim DeFede did an excellent job at allowing viewers of CBS News "SEE" the truth behind Hialeah former mayor, Julio Robaina - and he wants to do what with the county?!?!