Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gilded in Fool's Gold: Herman Echevarria .... by gimleteye

There is no institutional memory at The Miami Herald. Sunday's puff piece on Herman Echevarria is breathless and vapid as the reality TV show featuring his wife: both suffer from overdoses of self-aggrandizement and predict poorly for the future. Echevarria remade himself from Hialeah pol to advertisement guru. Really? Who are his clients and what has he done? What is known is that Echavarria's singular accomplishment helped wreck Miami-Dade: he was Svengali and major domo, as Armando Guttierez is today for a host of politicians, for Alex Penelas. Penelas, the former county commissioner and mayor, turned a promising political career into a national disgrace when he and Echevarria flew to Spain "on business" at the very moment the 2000 presidential election hinged on GOP operatives helicoptered in from DC Congressional offices to do in the recount in downtown Miami. In Spain, on business? Really, Mr. Echevarria. What kind of business was more important than being here where you and Penelas belonged? THAT is the story the Herald never wrote. Nor does today's report hint at the scandals that plagued Penelas' administration and the miserable politics that infected the county or Echevarria's role in the shadows. (One of the minor scandals, for example: the betrayal by Penelas of commitments made to the public for land use to benefit the public around the Heat/Arison Arena. Remember, that, Herald editors?)

What was Echevarria's achievement, other than to be the first among many lobbyists at a time when Miami Dade was carved up like portions of a roast pig to insiders? The most telling detail in the Herald story: Echevarria and his wife were married at the resort Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, "a playground for well-to-do Cuban exiles." Come on, Herald. You can do better than that! Casa de Campo is owned by the Fanjul sugar billionaires who polluted the Everglades and poisoned national politics. Was Echevarria's wedding a gift from the Fanjuls whose other routine investments in Miami-Dade politics and lobbyists continue to this day? (What about reporting THAT? In our search engine, type 'Sugar Babies'.) "What happens in Campo, stays in Campo." And what happens in the public rehabilitation of one closely connect with so much of what's wrong with Miami-Dade should be vetted by editors before being gilded in fool's gold.


House said...

Excellent and insightful blog! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I remember well what happened and when.

To take this back even further, look at Carter and Mariel. The worst public policy in our history.

This article is not surprising except the fact that most in the US are just clueless as to our corruption, and to how far reaching it goes back.

Any group, no matter what color or religion, who forgets (or is clueless)as to what our Framers did, what they fought for, should be ashamed, but they're not, they double down.

The fact that Miami is being run by a group of unelected moron's is why I left a long time ago. And why everytime I read about how so and so is homeless - I ask, did you go to US Century or Countrywide?

As to the Fanjul's and Pollutants - well, they've paid enough, (even Kendrick Meek) to do whatever the want,whenever and no one calls them on it.

This is one reason why I A) Live in Monroe County and B) Do no donate to anyone running for political office. That is sad. Good /smart people will not run because of this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't the CRB, which has millions in its coffers, contribute to Gusman's operations?

Anonymous said...

This blog is getting boring real fast.

Geniusofdespair said...

So don't read it. We don't care.

Anonymous said...

Since it was brought up. Look at Alex Penelas and his history of usery loans to recaredo guttierez. 52% interest. Maybe you will find some interesting stuff there also on Echevaria. I mean lets be for real. EVERY HIALEAH POLITICIAN has been onvolved in some sort of illegal crap. The FBI is already in possession of the Alex Penelas information along with Julio Robaina, Vivian Casals Munoz and current hialeah mayor Carlos hernandez. Seems all these douche-bags (FROM HIALEAH) were involved in illegal high interest loans and loans to Ponzi schemer Felepito along with mortgage fraud. The only name you will not see ( how ironic) is former Mayor Raul martinez. Asshole he is but involved in illegal loans he is not. Start looking into the blanco family and how he was the GOODFATHER of hialeah. Look at the relationships and loans of the current council.You will have more to write than you ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

It is known by many people in Hialeah and Miami that Herman Echevarria who is married to Alexia is GAY. Really,,,it would be a great idea for her to do a cover story in her magazine VENUE called MY GAY HUSBAND and why he is in the CLOSET.

Anonymous said...

I have also heard her husband is a closet GAY. It really sucks, because he has a very beautiful wife. Oh, when they say you are GAY in are 9 times out of 10...GAY. Tried and True!