Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nukes: In Japan and Turkey Point. By Geniusofdespair

The exclusion zone for people around one of Japan's nuclear power plants is now 13 miles. I put a graphic of a 10 mile circle from Turkey Point to show you what that would look like in Miami. The 13 miles would almost get us to Tamiani Airport. They also reported this morning there was an explosion at another plant. The disaster may be far from over.

Do you all really want 2 more reactors at Turkey Point?
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Anonymous said...

The short answer is "no".

But the long answer is that FPL is so entrenched in our state, city and county local governments (Yes, that means you too, Ms. Bell, FPL queen) that the people who live upwind of the plants don't have an ice cube's chance in hell of fighting the expansion.

When government officials are sold on the "job" idea they become stupid. Maybe it is not that they are job stupid, as much as they are bought by the powerful thought of what FPL has to offer during election cycles.

Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, and South Miami are cities that are in the path of the fallout. It seems that county allowed FPL to put their "hardened poles" just anywhere. Palmetto Bay has reneged on the their vote to help fund court costs for proper placement of the poles - those 150 foot poles are not about hurricanes; those poles are about transporting the NEW electrical power generated by the unapproved NEW nuclear plants.

This is a simple "we will invest the money for the infrastructure and argue later that we were allowed to spend the money for the new plant infrastructure and now we have invested too much $$$ to be denied the right to build the rest of it" scheme. It is "build now and ask forgiveness later" routine that developers love to use.

It sucks and we are the ones raising our children here in the pathway of disaster.

I suggest that those Green Cities and our beloved commissioner get off their butts and help their communities live life without the menace of nuclear disaster hanging over their heads.

Instead of allowing FPL to do whatever they want to do, why doesn't the cities require that FPL clean up and harden the existing nukes against the decay/ravages of the years they have been online?

The existing nukes are disasters waiting to happen. No, we certainly don't need 2 new ones to double our chances being blown away by fallout.

Anonymous said...

Next Error--FPL's parent company, will lay low for awhile. Look at how quickly people forget, they are once again clamoring for oil drilling off the coast. They will forget the diaster in Japan more quickly.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine how easy it will be to evacuate Homestead and Florida City and Kendall ... not to mention Miami and Coral Gables. OMG, the helicopter cams over the Fl Turnpike and 95. People walking on foot to get away from the reactors.

Geniusofdespair said...

Someone should get all the Coral Gables candidates on record. If they come to your house ask them and report back to me.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Conch Shell Alliance?