Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Dark Ages: Eliminating environmental protection because the GOP doesn't believe in science, facts, rules, or enforcement ... by gimleteye

Last Friday night's debate of the Continuing Resolution in the House of Representatives lasted until the wee hours. The final vote was at 4:40 a.m. The roll call link. The Clerk of the House is still sorting through the results of all 70 amendments, so full details are not available yet. Here's how the Florida Congressional delegation voted last week on HR 1 and a summary of the amendments related to climate change. Read how the GOP is blasting us back to the Dark Ages, if you can stand to:

-The House voted to eliminate US funding to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for the rest of 2011. The GOP doesn't believe our climate is changing.
-The House voted to repeal Clean Air Act provisions aimed at reducing GHGs. The GOP doesn't believe dirty air affects people's health.
-The House voted to defund certain NASA's satellites. The GOP doesn't believe that gathering facts to support science is important, because party leaders like Karl Rove invent their own reality.
-The House voted to scale back environmental regulation of mountaintop removal protections. The GOP believes that no one cares what happens to mountains, rivers and streams.
-The House voted to stymie the overhaul of a major federal climate research program. The GOP will not lift a finger to protect national security from climate change.
-The House voted to sharply slash funding for green energy R&D. The GOP marches to the tune of the oil, gas and coal industries. Why fund anything else?

Here is how the Florida delegation voted. Guess what party the "FOR's". That's right: the GOP

The lawmakers who voted FOR the bill:
Jeff Miller
Steve Southerland
Ander Crenshaw
Richard Nugent
Cliff Stearns
John Mica
Dan Webster
Gus Bilirakis
C.W. Bill Young
Dennis Ross
Vernon Buchanan
Connie Mack (Just North of Everglades)
Bill Posey
Tom Rooney
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (The Florida Keys)
Mario Diaz-Balart (Southwest Miami)
Allan West (Just north of Miami; includes Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale)
Sandy Adams
David Rivera (The Everglades & Miami-Dade County)

The lawmakers who voted AGAINST the bill:
Corrine Brown
Kathy Castor
Ted Deutch (North of Miami & Ft. Lauderdale)
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (North Miami metro area)
Alcee L. Hastings (SE central near Miami and coastal at Fort Pierce)

Representative Fredrica Wilson did not vote. (North Miami Metro Area)

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