Monday, January 24, 2011

State Representative Erik Fresen's Political Action Committee. By Geniusofdespair

Erik Fresen's PAC, Floridians for a Strong 67, has the same purpose as other State PACS, they all have similar scripts:

The purpose and mission of the Committee is to promote economic growth and job creation in Florida through sound fiscal policies, lower government spending and reduced taxation.

Why does he need a PAC? Not much is in it. He got $10,000 in the PAC from Century Towers Associates with a P.O. Box in Hialeah. Very fishy. I looked up the Company in Sunbiz, the Dept. of State Corporate site. I couldn't find it under corporations. I did find it under partnerships with, of all things, a REAL address, 105 East 21st Street, Hialeah. Why didn't Erik use a real address in the expense report? John Brunetti (Hialeah Race Track) is the President. Fresen gave to 3 campaigns from this PAC. He also gave $5,000 to Innovate Florida, another PAC (purpose: Innovate Florida is established to support and advance the principles of better government by promoting innovative, effective and fiscally sound policies in the areas of healthcare, education, economic development, environmental research, state infrastructure and transportation.) Innovate, with $333,862, gave to David Rivera; Jeff Atwater; Anitere Flores; Jorge Exposito; $50,000 to the Republican Party and a generous amount of money to Andrea H. Penton (Tampa) to do consulting. In fact, most of the money in this PAC is going to consultants, Like Nick Riley, Michael Davis and Rachel Thomas. The Chairman of the PAC William Galvano collected a considerable amount for meals and travel. He must like eating...a lot. He has quite a few $500 meals.

State PAC's are out of hand. Everyone call up Rep. Erik Fresen and ask him why he needs a PAC of his own to give to other PACs.


Anonymous said...

The larger question is what are all these consultants consulting on and who are they consulting for?

Anonymous said...

Criminal syndicates. They should all be prosecuted under the Rico Act.

Anonymous said...

I always say that the layers of corruption, in Florida, run so deep that when trying to investigate them, one can easily get lost. In this crooked town, Genius, even politicians have to buy influence. Not every decision depends solely on their votes!

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind Mr. Fresen is not only a legislator but also moonlights as a lobbyist, isn't goverment grand (theft)?
Also remember Mr. Fresen was David Rivera's hand picked succesor to Chair the Miami dade GOP.
You remember Mr. Rivera the Dog (track) Lover?

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy behind the push to create a 600-student charter school at the University Baptist Church in Coral Gables and ruin the surroundings!