Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Florida Legislature: A Cuckoos Nest ... by gimleteye

Here is what the new Florida legislature wants to do, with the apparent approval of Gov. Twitter Scott:

"HB 239 2011
55 (1) The department, water management districts, and all other state, regional, and local governmental entities may not implement or give any effect to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's nutrient water quality criteria rules for the state's lakes and flowing waters, finalized on December 6, 2010, and published in Volume 75, No. 233 of the Federal Register, in any program administered by the department, water management district, or governmental entity."

Is the Florida Legislature an insane asylum run by high functioning mentally ill, or, is it a barely legal, criminal syndicate protected by corporate-run political action committees? Whatever, legislators and lobbyists are baying at the moon-- these are the business interests-- the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Associated Industries (and jack-ass-in-chief Barney Bishop), Big Ag (ie. Big Sugar)-- promoting legislation that says, in fact, Florida has to live in the stinking mess it created; this sea of pollution that rings the state. The fact is: the state's polluters will not be held accountable to clean up the cost they impose on us, for the toxic soup they have created.

Forget health care reform: what is really driving these wing-tipped and neatly coiffed to fund The Tea Party and the politically illiterate is the conviction that environmental rules are what caused the Great Recession. This is the idiocy driving the proposed Florida House legislation.

In my view, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is doing more in the Obama administration to redress its lackluster performance than since its earliest days in the 1970's. Yes!, to the EPA for holding the Legislature's feet to the fire. Or, at least trying to. Floridians deserve to know what the idiotic legislature is trying to do (in more than a tweet by our governor.)


Anonymous said...

Figures, sponsored by Trudi Williams. Ick! So much for FIU's ability to instill ethical and responsible values in its environmental engineering graduates.

Malcolm said...

Now you are getting a handle on this thing gimleteye. Irrational thrashing around leading to outright insanity giving way ultimately to the environmental, economic, political and social collapse of the State of Florida.

These lemmings are headed off the peninsula on both coasts and Lake Okeechobee.

Anonymous said...

G-d and the Tea Party will take care of everything. It is divine intervention. Regulations are harming, not protecting the environment, which, anyone who has read the Bible knows, G-d gave Man (straight and no women, please) dominion over everything.

Man takes this valueless land and gives it value through development and out of this value Man creates jobs.

Its all in the Bible by Tea Party as funded through the developers.