Thursday, October 28, 2010

South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard: Residents demanding iodide for FPL nuclear threat in Miami-Dade ... by gimleteye

In pushing its Turkey Point nuclear reactors to produce power beyond their service lifetime, FPL is increasing public health risks to South Florida residents. EOM has questioned, in the past, why FPL has not distributed, as recommended, pills to nearby residents to lessen the effects of radiation poisoning in the case of a severe accident. News that last week of "serious degradation of the Containment liner" has triggered outrage and renewed the call to protect people.

South Miami Mayor, Dr. Philip Stoddard, commented to EOM, "The nuclear industry has always argued we could never have a Chernobyl type nuclear disaster in this country because our reactors are enclosed within impermeable containment structures. Now to see holes eroding in the concrete containment structures is most unnerving, especially so when the reactors' licenses were extended 20 years beyond their original intended lifespan, and when FPL is seeking to operate the reactors at increased power. My residents are asking City Hall to provide families in South Miami with potassium iodide in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization guidelines. I intend to do just that." Good for Mayor Stoddard.

Here is the exact wording of the NRC report: "CONTAINMENT LINER CORROSION DEGRADATION: This report is made in accordance with 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii) as a condition resulting in a serious degradation of the Containment liner. During a visual inspection on 10/22/10, corrosion was found in the containment sump liner on Unit 3, A more detailed inspection was performed on 10/24/10 after the corroded area was cleaned. Evaluation of the inspection results determined that the corrosion is greater than allowed by the ASME Code, including through wall areas, and requires repair. At this time, it is not known whether any leakage caused by the through-wall condition would have resulted in exceeding the containment allowed leakage limit. Unit 3 is currently in Mode 5 preparing to return to service following refueling. The corroded areas will be repaired prior to entering Mode 4."

EOM has opined on why FPL has failed to distribute potassium iodide in the past. The company and the local Chambers of Commerce did not want to rattle real estate markets with news that residents will be handed pills to take in case of a nuclear accident only a few miles away. Well, time is up. The area is littered with foreclosures and ghost suburbs. FPL is driving its old reactors into the ground. When and if there is hell to pay, expect a lot of cluck, clucking by FPL attorneys and Chamber executives to go along with radiation poisoning of their ratepayers and members.

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out of sight said...

Are any of the ratepayers, chamber members and our community going to be alive to cluck at anything?

Anonymous said...

"At this time, it is not known whether any leakage caused by the through-wall condition would have resulted in exceeding the containment allowed leakage limit."

There's a leakage limit? That sucks. I would have hoped it would be zero. :(

Anonymous said...

The holes are not in the concrete they are in the steel liners. It is metal corrosion.

Geniusofdespair said...

What troubles me Gimleteye-- iodide pills would do 'no' good because we learn about these violations to the community's safety way down the line, after it has been going on for awhile. They happened upon the hole 10/22. How long was this quarter size hole there before they found it? And, when did we first hear about it -- 10/27, posted in a corner of the Miami Herald's Broward section.

Anonymous said...

Good point, G.o.D. However, can't we get those blasted tablets ourselves. Do you have to get a prescription? Also, are our homes covered in the even of a nuclear accident? Would we all be financially screwed as well?

Anonymous said...

Last anon - the tablets are for use after radiation exposure. They protect your thyroid gland. Local hospitals have them for that reason.

And no, your homes are probably not covered. Usually homeowners insurance doesn't include such things - even loss of use riders aren't intended to cover permanent loss. The Nuclear industry also requires a Federally mandated insured liability cap of $110 million (Price-Anderson Act) as a requirement to attract private capital. Without the cap, the Federal government would be the only lender stupid enough to invest in such a risky venture.

Read for yourself on the NRC's website:

Milly Herrera, Hialeah said...

Why is FPL even doing this? Are they morons? Have they contacted the health department? They are going to provoke thyroid disease in healthy people, and all of us who have been down that road know how important this gland is to every function of the body.

Potassium Iodide in excess can have its own ill effects, such as lowered thyroid hormone production, enlargement of the gland, swollen saliva glands, acne, chronic intestinal disturbances, skin, hair & nail changes, etc. Do they even know what they are doing?

Radioactive Iodine exposure affect people miles away. This is espeically harmful to children who have not yet finished growing.

Area residents should hire a lawyer and stop this!!!