Friday, August 20, 2010

Resign To Run Case Against Sandra Ruiz: She Won the Case! By Geniusofdespair

The Appeals Court decision today: Sandra Ruiz is in the race!! Decision by: Third District Court of Appeal - Judges Ramirez, C.J./Shepherd/Slater.

You will remember Sandra Ruiz is the Candidate in Doral accused by her opponents of not filing a letter of resignation from her old post, 10 days before filing papers for the new post she was running for. She claimed they wouldn't overlap but in the case of a hypothetical run-off, they might have. A judge removed her a couple of weeks ago from office but she appealed so she remained on the ballot pending the appeal. Now she has won. This was the case that started the trouble with Flinn.

Someone (who I assume was from one of the candidate's camps but I don't know) wrote all the candidates an email a couple of weeks ago with a phony name on it and asked them to bring suit against Flinn for the same offense as Ruiz and sent them the Ruiz article. I also got a copy of the email weeks ago. The email asked all the candidates to come together to bring the suit against Flinn. It was pure sleaze...that is why I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of reporting on it and it made them mad as hell at me. Between all the candidates knowing, the rumors were flying all over the district.

I hope this strong Appeals Court reversal finally puts to bed this stupid nonsense on resign-to-run against Candidate Flinn. The intent of the law was never to drive term limited candidates crazy with threats of knocking them out of office. As the ruling said:

"The resign to run law addresses terms that WILL run concurrently, not terms that in some other hypothetical case MIGHT run concurrently."
They also said "The object of the law before us is to prevent persons who are running for a new position from the safe haven of a current position to which the candidate can retreat in the event she is unsuccessful."

Some of you have wondered why I got so angry on the blog (the 'Asshole' post). This was the issue. I was determined not to take the bait some candidates were dishing out on this for weeks and they just would not let me alone. First I don't like the hammering and second I don't like the manipulation. Anyway, it appears it is over. So lets get on with electing the best possible candidate and stop with the deception and manipulation. Sorry I got angry and couldn't explain it to you all, lets turn the corner and try to get the best person elected.


Beatriz Baldan said...

“To All You Assholes Working The District 8 Campaigns. . .”

Title of your blog posted on August 17 at 12:18 AM

Wow! I do not know what you received that made you so angry.

Talk about negative campaigns. I believe that if something is true and it is stated without insults, even when painful it is still true. Your comments on Rick Scott, who is a candidate I do not agree with, can also be considered as a dirty campaign by some, along with your comments on Will Rolle, or Lynda Bell, or Obdulio Piedra.

Your blog is a public forum where people are invited to express their opinions and knowledge, and since this is your blog, you certainly can publish what you want and censor what you want. What you can not do is to insult people that do not agree with you; or for that matter insult anyone.

I am sending this via email because you closed it to comments shortly after it was posted.

Beatriz Baldan

Geniusofdespair said...

I told Beatrix, who I do admire by the way---

what I essentially said in this post above. Plus I said:

A blog is NOT a public forum. It is an editorial vehicle. Blogs are opinion forums. I don't know any blogs that aren't.

Adding now:

I have been insulting people for years on this blog. I don't know that is going to change unless I stop blogging, however, my Rick Scott Post was factual, don't see any insults I can take back on that one.

I guess people can read the Herald if I am offensive and I would recommend that they do read the Herald and actually buy a subscription.

Thank you Beatrix.

The Actual Real M said...

Your friend Bea is trying to censor your opinion. I wonder if she realizes that? I like the insults, it is you, that is why I keep coming back. I look for the Vile One zingers.

If you weren't amusing I would be reading the Miami Herald.

Don't change.

Anonymous said...

What a M-E-S-S.

The Falls said...

Well, this makes me feel better about Flinn, I thought he was going to get arrested or something.

Anonymous said...

Flinn is a good guy. He did not deserve the crud that has gone on.

His opponents tried to trash the elections. I almost consider it trying to steal an election through intimidation.

Please folks...Vote for the best candidate. Don't be intimidated by horrible people and their evilness.

Palmetto Bay mom.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe all this was going on and I didn't know it. I live in Pinecrest.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms. Baldan, you're rude and borish. I don't know why my friend sent me to this blog.

Geniusofdespair said...

I usually don't post insulting comments... Don't know how this one above slipped in. Oh, well it is pretty tame in comparison. Where is my pal Cato in my defense?

Anonymous said...

Huge decision. Score one for the voters. The judges recognized the sanctity of the vote above all else.

Anonymous said...

The Falls, and this is what the other side would like you to think, that there is some kind of corruption involved when really, they are accusing the guy of NOT FILING A FORM (which, apparently, he didn't need to file).

Watch and see whether any of the news sources cover this as well as they covered the alleged scandal.

Anonymous said...

Cody told channel 4 that he didn't get paid (right) and that he did the lawsuit because Mayor Flinn did something illegal. The Mayor didn't fill out and file a form. If that is illegal then I am a felon 100 times over.

Maria M. said...

Thanks for the documents, interesting reading. The first judge must be embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

I am happy about this. Happy, happy day. Score one for the voters is right.

As for Mr. Flinn, you are a class act. Keep taking the high road.

Anonymous said...

This appellate court decision will allow the judge in the Flinn case to rule in Flinn's favor and end the case. Now if we could just find out who was behind this dirty trick and asked Natasha Seijas to intervene with attorney Cody. He does not move on these types of issues without consulting her.

Anonymous said...

Why is it okay for Flinn and Ruiz not to resign but not for Carla Savola 2 years ago who attempted to resign but was disqualified because her postcard was late?

Geniusofdespair said...

Sandra Ruiz appealed. Maybe Savola didn't.

Anonymous said...

The Savola case was 4 years ago, in 2006. Difference is she had to resign, and sent it late. Her bad.

Anonymous said...

Attorney Cody is a joke, and a bad one at that. He was on TV claiming to be a friend of Flinn's. Funny, even my 10 year old used the old line saying that with friends like that, who needs enemies. I'd pay to see if Cody attends Flinn's next party. Flinn never answered as to whether he does in fact know Cody.

Cody obviously worships money and attention instead of valuing friendships.

Will Cody have to pay for Flinn's attorney's fees? Will Cody craw back into the Commissioner Seijas' stinkhole until needed again for the next dirty trick? Enquiring minds want to know.

Geniusofdespair said...

Savola wasn't term limited?

Anonymous said...

I believe Savola was only half way through a 4 year term so she would fit was the resigned to run law was set up to prevent - someone keeping their present office as a safety net to return to if not elected to the new office. She did appear to attempt to file the resignation, just too late, so perhaps the law should allow for some corrections for errors rather than being a "gotcha" None of this makes any candidate a bad person, but it also does not make that loser S (guess what the "S" stands for) Cody any less an A-hole.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cody! How is the air you are breathing from deep inside the Seijas stink hole? Comfortable in there? We can't wait to see who you work for in the upcoming Palmetto Bay elections.

Anonymous said...

Savola was a Community Councilwoman which has no term limits. If she did not resign she could have sat in that position forever if she lost her state bid. She needed to resign.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the one poster. Cody will not be working for anyone in Palmetto Bay. There is an applicable Spanish idiom about not sh*tting where you eat. Cody is about to learn the meaning of that phrase. He used to be able to escape home to Palmetto Bay from his shenanigans in perverting County government. I was unaware that this is how he made his money. Now he is outed to his friends and neighbors, not only for filing a lawsuit against the home town mayor and candidate, but exposing his previously unknown exploits against his own people. What a putz! Especially where he tried to claim he is really a friend of Flinn. Spare us the stupidity and duplicity. We know what is really going on. Talk is that his business must be crashing and burning, so he needs some cheap publicity to get his name out to potential clients.

You have made a name for yourself Mr. Cody, but not a good one. You have not done your family proud. Everyone in the neighborhood is talking. This is how I was introduced to this blog. Buzz is high. Thank you Eye on Miami for the thought provoking posts. We will be reading this blog long after our kids start school tomorrow. Keep us up to date.